7 Upcoming Technologies That May Change the World


TechsPlace | We have witnessed many unusual leaps in digital technology in the last decade. From smartphones, cloud computing, to autonomous weapons, these are the innovations that revolutionized the world today. Yet, believe it or not, we are just getting started. The revolution in technology will get even better. In fact, by looking at these unusual leaps, we could live like how people in science fiction movies did. Today, I’m going to talk about 10 upcoming, real-life products that are going to revolutionize the world. Google Glass There is no…

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How Cloud ERP Compares To On-Premise ERP?

Cloud ERP

TechsPlace | The ERP system has been much sought after by the industries because of the numerous advantages offered, mainly to add essential processes and allow an overview of the company, which generates fundamental information for the management of the factory. The step of choosing the supplier is extremely important to the success of the project and hence the factory. You need to study hard to understand how to choose the right ERP for your industry. This article describes everything you need to know about each lodging, as well as…

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13 Top Ranking iOS 11 Features That You Might Be Looking For

iOS 11 Features

TechsPlace | The release of iOS 11 has undoubtedly addressed a number of highly demanded new features and upgrades to the existing ones in terms of performance and extended value additions. Apple has always privileged its end users’ preferences above anything else and the all-new iOS 11 has started to prove it similar to the previous releases. Let us now quickly get onto those top 13 newly added iOS features that have attracted the majority of iPhone and iPad users around the world. Live Photos The latest iOS 11 has…

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5 Best Apps To Make Your iPhone Super-Private


TechsPlace | As mobile phones are integrated with limitless technologies, our phones are becoming more about vault of our personal data like; photos, videos, personal emails and notes than just a communication device. All these data need to ensure security and privacy and for this matter we do take some measures, but again how secure such measures are? You never know when and how someone with bad intentions can access our data unauthorized and possibly can use that against us as observed in many previous instances. This is the age…

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How to Monitor Facebook Chat on your Teen’s Android Cell Phone?

Monitor Facebook

TechsPlace | You may think about sometimes that how many people are using the Facebook social messaging app in the world. It may be in millions, but the users are exceeding than a billion. It is one of the advanced, well-known and widely used social media app platforms at the moment.  It is almost impossible that if someone has not installed or used the messenger yet. People of all age’s youngsters, adults and old age also use Facebook messenger for chatting, for sharing pictures and videos for getting more likes…

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How To Track Spam Caller – Truecaller?


TechsPlace | As every smartphone users know that True caller is the best app to identify the unknown caller. Depending on that most of the users are going to use this app for Android as well as for iOS devices. Once you install this app on your phone, then it will provide you the best protection against spam callers and messages. Besides that, some of the hidden features are also present in the Truecaller app which helps you all to protect from various spams. Spams may be received in the…

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How To Find The Best Location For Your Video Production

Video Production

TechsPlace | Planning for a video shoot outdoors? There are certain prerequisites to have in place before actually doing the shoot. It can be a tricky affair since there goes a lot of minute details into it. However, if you have everything in place then it can turn out to be beautiful than what you had imagined. Apart from charging your batteries and having a couple of extra SD cards and batteries while you are shooting outdoors, what really plays a major role is the outdoor setting or the location…

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