6 Reasons to Do Video Marketing Campaigns for your Corporate

Video Marketing Campaigns

TechsPlace | Video is still probably one of the formats and trends that will grow the most in 2020. I do not rely on any study but a pure intuition. The market is evolving so favorably that any company of any size can promote itself in this way. These are some of the reasons why you need to incorporate a corporate video into your Online Marketing strategy as a Video Marketing Campaigns:

    1. The higher level of interactivity: the video format allows a higher level of interaction. For example, steps could be integrated where the user decides on the continuation of the video or data collection at the end of the transmission to see the end of the video or obtain another type of response.
    2. Create emotions and increase engagement: If we offer interesting content on video, we will increase the engagement of our consumers. This phenomenon is based on creating ties between business and customer, goes further, and turns your customers into fans and subscribers of your brand.
    3. Differentiate yourself from the competition: if your competition only advertises itself on search engines and does a bit of display advertising, you can differentiate yourself by doing something different. Relatively few companies still use the video, but this window of opportunity to be one of the first will gradually close, given the benefits it brings.
    4. Create viral marketing: before we plugged in a video on YouTube and hoped to create viral marketing. Two great characteristics make video the ideal format for it to spread on a large scale and quickly: The first is its great capacity to excite the viewer, and the second is the ease with which it is shared.
    5. The greater impact of branding: a video attracts more attention. We capture the user’s attention for about 20 or 30 seconds. The reminder level of a brand, product, or company is, therefore, higher than in a less interactive banner. The branding effect on advertisers is greater.
    6. It is good for SEO: video can give your website a good position in Google searches. There are 50 times more possibilities of appearing on the main Google results page with a video, than with other types of content, since search engines value the video format very positively, to better position our businesses.

Now that you know the reasons for doing video marketing campaigns for your company, the question is: Where do I find the best professional video editor to make a video?

Our recommendation to make a useful video most professionally and safely is through FlexClip online video maker. With it, you will not only find video templates that make your creative juice flowing and help you craft a corporate video in seconds, but you will also be able to start from scratch and create the most suitable professional videos for your business.

The following essential functions are built into the video editing service

  • Split, which is created to divide the whole video into several passages. Thanks to this option, you can easily remove unnecessary moments, and then glue the remaining fragments into one file;
  • Cropping and rotating, with which you can easily get rid of unnecessary moments or objects. Remove a stranger from the frame, mask the flaws of the video, and much more is now very simple thanks to the service;
  • Insert captions. Create a real short cooperate video! Give your work a name, add the names of the employees for your company, tell us about the locations, and finish it with the final credits. A large selection of various ready-made dynamic texts is guaranteed to bring success to the video;
  • Transitions designed to flow from one element of the video to another smoothly. The catalog has dozens of different animation options to choose from any complexity and speed;
  • Stickers and watermark that can be placed on top of any visual range. For example, You can add a watermark of your company or add text comments to what is happening in the video;
  • Dozens of Filter for instantly enhancing footage and make it more impressive. Mount a video in the style of past centuries or follow the latest fashion trends – it all depends on your ideas and desires!
  • Deceleration and acceleration, allowing you to configure the most optimal speed of the movie;
  • Improve the quality of playback. Using this function, you can easily control the saturation, contrast, brightness, and other parameters of the picture. This function will eliminate all the shortcomings of the shooting and get the highest quality work.

Everything is simple here: in a couple of minutes, you can easily supplement your effects for videos with texts, music, and logos that you can download the video directly to your computer. If your users prefer to consume the information in video format, why haven’t you create a video with FlexClip video maker and started launching your video marketing campaigns yet?