How to Create a Great Content Marketing Strategy in 2020

Content Marketing Strategy

TechsPlace | Providing consumers with informative and engaging content is something most business owners view as a priority. Over 90% of business owners in the United States claim they use digital content to approach consumers. The key to having success with digital content in 2020 is a comprehensive and detailed content marketing strategy.

Content marketing success doesn’t just happen by mistake. Business owners and marketing professionals have to will this success into existence with well thought out advertising campaigns. Are you trying to develop a great content marketing strategy for 2020? If so, check out the helpful tips below.

Linking Needs To Be Added in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Creating great blog content is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to driving traffic to your website. Without a few key elements, you will have a hard time attracting attention from search engines like Google. The team at Google has several factors they consider when assigning a rank to your website. One of the main things Google considers is how many outbound and inbound links your website has.

Getting backlinks from reputable and established websites can help you move your website into the upper-echelon of the Google search results page. Allowing professionals to help you with link outreach is imperative. Companies like, who specialize in creating and maintaining relationships with the editors and owners of popular websites, can help you make the link outreach process easy. With their assistance, getting a consistent flow of

Choosing the Right Content Marketing Tools

Some business owners think that they can manually search the keywords and anchor text they need to use for their content. While this is possible, it will take a lot of time out of a business owner’s already full schedule. Instead of spending your time pouring over keyword and anchor text data, you need to find an SEO tool to do this work for you.

With some SEO tools, you can use features like the anchor text profile planner and automated backlink importing. As any content marketing professional knows, having the right anchor text and link in your content can help you increase your rank on search engines like Google. Rather than leaving this vital part of your content marketing campaign to chance, you need to use an SEO tool.

More Consumers are Using Voice Search

Nearly every smartphone you encounter these days has an AI-powered assistant. Virtual assistances like Siri and Alexa are all the rage. Many people use these programs to perform voice searches online. Making sure the content on your website is optimized to meet the demands of these voice search users is crucial. In most cases, you will need to change up your keyword strategy a bit to corner the voice search market in your industry.

These keywords tend to be more conversational and, therefore, longer than traditional keywords. Many businesses take frequently asked voice search questions and create content to answer them on their website. Doing this can help you get your website in the coveted “Featured Snippet” slot on Google. This snippet should be positioned above the results a search produces. Thus, it means it is the first thing a consumer will see, which is why many business owners work hard to reach this spot.

Content Marketing Success is Hard-Earned

Getting noticed by Google and modern consumers are no easy task. In most cases, you will have to work hard for months before your content marketing efforts start to pay off. Instead of giving up, you need to be persistent in achieving the level of success you are after.