7 Effective Ways to Transform Your Digital Marketing Strategy Using Chatbots

Digital Marketing Strategy Using Chatbots

TechsPlace | Chatbots have become the ‘talk of the town’ among digital marketers. A Chatbot is computer software that carries out the tasks that are assigned to it. Chatbots have come as a huge sigh of relief for digital marketers due to their ability to perform the tasks with more accuracy and at a swift pace. Marketers have expressed that the arrival of chatbots have reduced their workload, giving space for them to concentrate on other essential tasks. Let us have a glimpse at the ways to transform your digital marketing strategy using chatbots and how marketers are taking advantage of it.

Effective Conversational Tool: Digital Marketing Strategy Using Chatbots

Today brands consider conversation is the backbone of their business. More effective the interaction between the brand and customer, it is easier to make a person buy a product. Hence, brands are looking out for all the possible ways to initiate a conversation with a prospect. Chatbots are used as a medium to understand the prospect and to have a meaningful conversation. For instance, if a user comes to your website, due to the availability of multiple web pages, it may take time for him to spot the product he is looking for. A chatbot can be employed to make his shopping easier. At the very moment a person lands at your website, the chatbot will appear in front of him and shoot questions to him to know the purpose of him to land at your page. Frame the question like ‘Hi, May I know what are you looking for?’ and ‘These are our new arrivals.’ Thus, once you automate these questions to the chatbot, it will shoot these questions to the person who lands at your website. Make sure the questions are in a soft tone and pleasing manner. The reply from the person will help you to understand more about him, including his expectations from you.

As chatbots are capable of collecting the basic information about a person, you can also approach the person through e-mail or telephonic conversation. Since you can come to a better understanding based on the data the chatbot has collected about him, it will help you to have a better meaningful conversation with the prospect and convert him into a customer. Thus, chatbots are used as a pivotal tool to convert a prospect into a customer and achieve a higher conversion rate. Trollishly enables you to get in touch with many prospects, thus helping you to initiate a conversation. Check out this for digital marketing strategy using chatbots.

Capitalize On Chatbots For Personalization Marketing

In 2020, brands are keener on delivering a personalized experience to their customers. The consumer market has become a vast place today with the availability of an enormous number of brands. For every product, there are multiple numbers of brands due to which people can easily shift from one brand to another. Hence, brands have taken personalized marketing in their hands to make a customer stay with them. Chatbots can be harnessed to deliver a personalized experience to the prospect. For instance, if a prospect approaches your chatbot with any query, the chatbot will collect his basic information alongside replying to his questions. Moreover, the chatbot will also collect data about the expectations of the person, which will help you to reach out to the person with personalized messages or personalized advertisements with captivating slogans or images about his preferred product.

The Quint, one of the online news platforms, has witnessed an increase in its readership numbers through personalization. When it comes to reading news, the preference changes from person to person. Some are fond of reading sports news, whereas some others may prefer economics or political news. The chatbot of Quint will deliver news stories on your preferred sections alongside making people aware of some big happenings around the world. Thus, it makes the readers stay glued with it. Many brands and businesses are adapting to the emerging fashion of personalization marketing for which chatbots are used as a tool.

Chatbots Take Care of Your Team

Monitoring the performance of your team is one of the multitudes of the benefit from chatbots. When it comes to digital marketing, usually there will be a team of members who work in the background in framing and implementing an effective strategy. Many digital marketing leads have expressed that they cannot monitor the performance of their team amidst their tight work. Standup bot and Nikabot have come to the rescue of those people. These chatbots will monitor the performance of your team members and also make them stay updated. They will come with a report on the work done by every individual team member and the variation in their performances, which will help you largely in making an easy evaluation of the performance of your team members. Even if the members of your teamwork remotely from different places and at different time zones, these chatbots will monitor them and come up with a report on them. Thus, chatbots help you to manage your team efficiently and enhance the performance of your team members.

The Lead Generator

One of the tedious tasks for marketers is spotting the leads for your brand, which requires more accuracy. Chatbots have facilitated the process of making assessments about a person whether he will turn into your customer or not. The response from a prospect to the questions and survey you automate to your chatbot will help you to make a more accurate prediction about him. Thus, the valuable insight the chatbot collects from a person has facilitated the process of analyzing a prospect, which is the crucial process in uplifting your business. Moreover, you don’t have to hire an analyst and pay him, thus cutting your expenses. Thus, alongside maximizing your business, chatbots also cut down your costs.

Instantaneous Reply

In this fast-moving world, customers need their queries to be sorted out quickly. According to a recent survey, 75% of customers are more likely to shift to a new brand if they receive late responses from their service provider. Considering this huge percentage, brands are keener on making an instant reply to their audience, which has made the availability of chatbots more crucial due to their ability to make an immediate reply to customers. For every industry, there are specific common questions that a customer usually asks the customer assistance. You can automate the response to such queries to your chatbot. Thus, the chatbot immediately drops in reply to the customer without making any delay. The ability to respond to a customer quickly and its availability round the clock has made chatbots more crucial.

The Proactive Nature of Chatbots

One of the vital characteristics of chatbots is approaching a prospect before he reaches you. Many brands are using chatbots for passive customer interaction. But, chatbots have the capability of approaching a person and turning him into your customer. By using chatbots, you can make a person aware of the presence of your brand, generate leads, and maximize your conversion rate. For instance, you can automate the questions to your chatbot, which you shoot out to know whether a person is interested in your brand. Ensure the queries framed by you have a softer tone in it as the customer should find the questions to be pleasing and should not find annoyed.

Have a human touch in the questions as it should sound like speaking to a human on the other side for the person. The replies, the chatbot drives you will help you know more about the prospect. Since you have reached the prospect even before he finds and approaches you, this will enhance your brand awareness. On the other hand, it will help you to make a better analysis of the prospect, which will eventually increase your conversion rate. Thus, employ a chatbot that will reach out to your prospect before he finds you and approaches you. Therefore, chatbots play a pivotal role in maximizing your conversion rate.

Integrate With Messaging Platforms

Messaging Platforms will turn into a significant spot for brands to maximize their conversion rates. According to recent data, globally, there are 1.3 billion users for Facebook Messenger, which is anticipated to rise to 2.4 billion users by 2021. People are spending more time on messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat. The user base of these applications keeps on increasing year after year. A recent study by marketers has found that people open messaging apps nine times a day, whereas the average open of standard applications stands at five times a day. Hence, integrate your bots with messaging platforms and reap the benefit.

Final Thoughts

As social selling is expected to spike up in the coming years and revolution in digital marketing, chatbots will turn into a major selling point for brands. Due to their ability to perform the assigned tasks at a fast pace with more accuracy, chatbots have garnered an inevitable place for them. And there will transformation in Digital Marketing Strategy Using Chatbots.