How to Write Successful SMS Marketing Messages

SMS Marketing Messages

TechsPlace | While there is a lot of focus on social media in the modern age, there are some older forms of marketing that still prove to be highly effective. SMS marketing is certainly one of them. However, it is a medium all of its own. As such, you need to write and craft the type of messages that are going to work for it specifically. So, here are mentioned some points of advice that can help you out in writing successful SMS marketing messages.

Make an Offer

Many companies use SMS marketing to hit people with specific offers that they may be interested in. Ultimately, you want to send them something that is going to spur them on to taking action in some way. This is not the kind of medium that lends itself to regular updates with no real meaning. After all, this is what social media is for! Send too many irritating text messages, and people are bound to want to unsubscribe from getting them in the future.

Choose Your Wording Carefully

The wording on the messages makes a huge difference to what you are putting out there. When you are trying to get people engaged in taking part in an offer, there are a few words that can be useful, such as ‘free’, ‘special’, ‘exclusive’ etc. If you are trying to get them to take action as soon as possible, you want to remind them that this offer is for a ‘limited time only’. However, if you want to get people to donate to a political campaign, the language that you use will be entirely different, and an agency likeTatango can help with this.

Encourage Action to Be Taken

This is what we have been getting at all along in one way or another, but you certainly want to encourage people to take action with your SMS marketing messages. This means that you need to really cut to the chase. After all, you only have a limited number of words that are going to fit into a phone screen, and it is unlikely that people are going to look at more than a handful of them. Ultimately, you should warn people that they do not want to miss out on what you are saying.

Remember the Call to Action

Calls to action should be used throughout any marketing messages that you are putting out there, but this is certainly the case with your SMS campaigns. When you have even fewer words to describe the offer or the product in much detail, they become even more important than ever. For example, you may be selling tickets to an event that is on the verge of selling out. In this situation, you need to let people know that this is going to be their last chance to buy tickets.

These are some important tips that can be highly useful in boosting your chances of success in your SMS marketing activities, ensuring that you get a better return on investment.