Increase Your Target Audience with Brochures

Target Audience

TechsPlace | Advertising is at the core of sales and marketing activities. It is necessary and essential for the growth in sales and revenue of any organization. Gone are the days when advertising was merely about ads in a newspaper and an occasional pamphlet. Nowadays advertisers have different forms of traditional as well as digital advertising options ready for their clients.

Millennials also argue that digital marketing is much more effective than print marketing but with tons of experience to back us, we can assure you that traditional marketing and advertising is definitely not going out of fashion. In fact, because of the overexposure to screens and virtual reality, people are craving more for something “real and tangible” to hold on to. That’s the magic traditional advertising still has and will always retain.

In this blog, we will explore more about brochures and how they can actually impact your business and bottom line.

What Is A Brochure?

A brochure is a traditional marketing device which is multi-purpose and multi-faceted. A brochure is a compact and handy piece of advertisement, that can be folded and distributed in large numbers.

A brochure is a compact and handy piece of advertisement, that can be folded and distributed in large numbers. Brochures being old school yet attractive work well for all types of products and services.

One of the best features of a brochure according to an advertising agency in Pune is the amount of information they can store and transmit! A brochure is like a small information booklet about your company’s products and services. It is the perfect advertising tool in your toolkit.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Defining your target audience is of utmost importance. It is the foundation of a successful marketing campaign. Most marketing campaign strategy meetings begin with creating an ideal buyer’s persona.

According to an ad agency, your target audience is the people who are most likely to buy your product or service. Your potential customers become your core target audience. Suppose you own a line of baby products then your target audience is parents of newborns.

Suppose your company makes parts of an automobile’s engine, then your target audience is not the ultimate car buyer, instead your target audience is automobile manufacturers. Thus, your target audience changes from product to product and your position in the supply chain.

How Does A Brochure Help You in Increasing Your Target Audience?

  • Outreach

A brochure is handy and small in size. It can be distributed easily over large geographical distances. In fact, many brands prefer to send out their brochures through newspaper distribution networks or direct mail systems. Depending on when and where you choose to distribute your brochures you have a great shot at increasing your target audience.

For example, you are an educational institute offering graduate degree courses, then one of the best places to hand out your brochures could be junior colleges or places where youngsters seem to hang out most.

Another great place to reach out to a larger number of your business audience could be trade fairs. They offer you the perfect potential customers and your brochures, in turn, offer them more information!

  • High Recall Value

How do we measure the effectiveness of advertising and marketing? By checking how many conversions happened due to a specific marketing tactic or medium. One of the things necessary for an actual conversion to happen is a brand recall. Brand recall can take place only if the ad itself was attractive and impactful.

In this regard, brochures have an edge over other formats such as pamphlets, newspaper ads or even hoardings. According to the general public remembers good quality brochures for years. If they like what they have read on the brochure they make sure to pass it on to their loved ones and friends.

  • Brand Impression

Did you know that graphic designers and brochure designers spend hours creating beautiful and attractive brochure designs? Software like Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop have been known to produce the best quality designs for brochures.

Brochures are sometimes the first introduction of your brand to the target audience. A high-resolution, stunning and informative brochure can steal your brand’s impression in the mind of the reader.

A good brand impression will make your products and services more valuable and more in demand. It will expand your audience and your sales conversions from the marketing campaigns.

One of the main goals of advertising should be expanding the target audience. This involves reaching out to new market areas and new people. Brochures being old school yet attractive work well for all types of products and services.

Brochures encourage person to person interactions in a digitally-driven world. Brochures can also be used for cross-promotion of a company’s website or social media handles. Since brochures are dynamic by nature it is completely up to the company how they wish to shape it and use it!