Ultimate Guide to Writing a Master’s Thesis in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

TechsPlace | Writing a Master’s thesis in digital marketing is a constant balancing between practical reality and theoretical knowledge you got during your Marketing course. It should not discourage you, as we bet, if you have chosen this specialty consciously, you will genuinely enjoy working on your Master’s, as you will have an opportunity to show everything you have learned and offer some excellent ideas in the field you find interesting and perspective. Let’s get straight to business and make a plan which will help you to write a quality thesis in digital marketing on time, just the way your professor expects you to.

Define the Purpose of Your Master’s Thesis

  • Stated purpose. You need to provide your advisor, thesis committee, with the purpose of your digital marketing master’s thesis. You have to explain why it is important for the whole industry that you do this research and come up with some innovative ideas. Be bold!
  • Ultimate goal. Remember about your ultimate goal, which is a graduation on time, with no extra time spent on the revision of your paper, without additional expenses and disappointment. Write your personal goal somewhere you can easily see it when you need it.

Don’t Lose Much Time at the Beginning

  • Start as early as possible. It is very important to do at least something once you just receive “go!” order from your advisor. Write a plan, find some references, write some very simple drafts. When you have some preparatory work done, even if you don’t use most of those drafts later, will help you to keep going.
  • Have a plan for personal usage only. There is a plan you present to your professor, your thesis advisor, and there is a plan you should write for yourself. There, in this personal plan, you should write on how you will deal with obstacles on your way when it is better for you to write – at night or during the day, who can help you at which step, etc.
  • Fight procrastination. Let’s face it, you can’t beat procrastination entirely, no one can, but you should remember about this tricky creature and fight it with all the means you have.

Choose the Most Engaging and Perspective Topic

  • Have a selection of several topics. There is almost no way your advisor will agree with the first topic you take out of a blue sky. You need to have a selection of several topics and each topic should have pros and cons, and, preferably, some references to support their novelty, etc.
  • Your topic should have innovative potential. To prove it, you need to collect a quality background for your topic, what has been done in this field, what is yet to be done, and how your topic is relevant to the development of the whole field.
  • Change topic if you see it leads to a disaster. Remember, at the first stages of the research you still have an opportunity to change the topic and approve it with your advisor without too much trouble. For this, again, it is better to have a selection of topics and start research as soon as possible to have more time for switching from one topic to another.

Invest Yourself In Writing a Quality Bibliography

  • Only the most recent sources. When it comes to Digital Marketing you have to use only the most recent references, studies, sources, because in this field what was working even three years ago is not working these days. You will look like a fool using outdated sources to back up your research, especially if you want your conclusions to be at least somewhat innovative.
  • Different kinds of sources. You should use books, articles, studies, statistics, independent research reports, experiments, interviews, etc.
  • Writers with different views. When choosing sources, make sure that they elaborate on a chosen topic from the variety of sides, not just from one defined angle.

Write a Thesis in Cooperation with Your Advisor

  • Maintain a good relationship with your advisor. In this case, he will pay more attention to your paper. It may seem a little annoying at first glance, but later you will truly appreciate it.
  • Write according to the plan. Always, always check your progress with the plan. You will fail sometimes, don’t get discouraged, just adjust your plan accordingly and approve it once again with your advisor.
  • Constant rewriting is normal when it comes to a thesis. It is not a blog post. It is not an essay, it is a complex work, which can’t be written in a week, so get ready to rewrite some parts several times. Don’t forget to allocate time for this in your plan.

If you are not sure you are up to a challenge or you critically assess the time you have till the submission date, and it doesn’t look right, think about addressing a master thesis writing service that will assist you with the whole assignment or some of its parts. Good luck, and don’t give up no matter what, as the Master’s diploma is closer than ever!