What is Digital Marketing? What Makes it a Lucrative Career Option?

Digital Marketing

TechsPlace | Digital Marketing is a vital component of an online marketing regime. It makes use of digital technologies and platforms to boost business online. Digital Marketing has become popular buzzwords over the last few years. Everyone is talking, discussing, and searching for digital marketing to grow their business online.

Also, there is an increased demand from users to learn digital marketing techniques and make use of it to improve their online presence. This is a broad term that encompasses all the methods and marketing channels to promote products and services.

The Internet is the global village for this to make its foundation strong and effective. The major difference between traditional and digital marketing is that digital marketing is interpreted and executed through digital channels that have a massive audience reach.

This gives marketers more control over specialized digital tools, and data to monitor the effectiveness of each campaign. Digital Marketing comes up with several online channels separated into online and offline marketing channels.

The main difference is that offline sources have nothing to do with digital devices whereas online marketing channels have everything to do with the Internet.

Few examples of online marketing channels are website marketing, pay per click advertising, content marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, etc.

Offline marketing channels include SMS marketing, radio marketing, tv marketing, billboard marketing, etc.

What does a Digital Marketer do?

You must be wondering what a Digital Marketer does. Well, to put it precisely, a digital marketer is responsible to build brand awareness and generate leads for the company.

The digital channels upon which a digital marketer will focus upon are company websites, search engine rankings, email marketing, online display ads, corporate blogs, social media, etc.

Beyond this, he or she is also assigned to the work of measuring analytics of the company’s campaigns. While doing so, a digital marketer is responsible to strategize all the aspects of a company’s digital strategy.

Smaller startups tend to have a specialist or manager while big corporations usually spread the responsibilities to an entire team or across several different departments.

In this, you can become a jack-of-all-trades or focus on one set of skills to set you apart. For example, a person with strong creative skills can put forward the best content in the social media platform for engagement.

Also, several online certifications can add up to your credibility. The overall skills of a marketer may include video making skills, SEO and SEM, content marketing, data and analytics, tech knowledge, design thinking capability, understanding engagement, etc.

What makes Digital Marketing a lucrative career option?

By now you have known about the craze of digital marketing skills. The job market is booming and brands are putting in a lot of effort into digital marketing than ever before.

Lucrative budgets, increased pay and several career opportunities are some of the benefits of digital marketing professionals to look forward to this year.

Become In-Demand Professional

Have you ever heard of the digital skills gap? It is a reality now. It has been estimated that by 2020, 2 million new digital jobs are expected to fill in the digital space. With a fresh set of skills, one can have alternate career opportunities, job security, and even career progression in digital marketing.

According to the recent report by Marketing Hiring Trends, demand for digital marketing professionals outcast supply with 43 % of companies wanting to hire more digital marketers.

Benefit From Career Choice

As digitization is spreading rapidly across the world from startups to developed companies are searching for Digital Marketing Services with relevant experience. Digital giants like Google, Airbnb are always looking out for new talent particularly in the field of marketing and technology.

Get Paid More Than Your Friends

We have discussed how the demand for digital marketing professionals is increasing. A recent report by The Creative Group estimates that there is a substantial increase in pay for marketing officials. This means that people with the right set of skills can negotiate for a great salary. The pay increases every year by skilling continuously.

Become a Versatile Professional

Due to more demand for digital marketing skills and the point of applying knowledge to any sector makes digital marketing a versatile career. Therefore, if you can choose a career path or any specialization in this sector, you need to build on the existing skills.

This entire process helps in making you a versatile professional. You can have plenty of choices during the ongoing learning opportunities, where different skills fit together in different ways.

Become A Social Media Marketing Pro

Social Media Marketing simply means making use of various social media platforms to connect with your targeted audience.

It helps to increase brand awareness and drive website traffic. The social media marketing regime includes publishing relevant content on social media business profiles for getting engaged with followers along with running social media advertisements.

Some of the major social media platforms at present are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin, and Snapchat.

To properly collaborate ideas on social media, digital marketers make use of a range of social media management tools. Such tools can help your business to get the most out of the social media platforms listed above.

Become An Excellent Search Engine Marketing Manager

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the practice of increasing website traffic through organic search engine results. To understand the basics of SEO, digital marketers emphasize three important factors related to SEO that are quality of traffic, the quantity of traffic, and Organic results.

Quality of traffic determines the quality of your targeted audience. If the SEO is running well on your website, then Google lets you engage with the visitors who are genuinely interested in the products that you offer.

Quantity of the traffic is based on the people who land on to your website from those search engine result pages(SERPs)

Last but not the least, organic results are the ones for which you don’t have to pay anything to Google.