7 Best Design Tools to Create Engaging Social Media Visual Content

Visual Content

TechsPlace | Nowadays, visual content plays a huge role in creating an efficient social media marketing strategy because they engage the audience and effectively transmits the message. Most people are visual learners which makes visual content the new marketing gold mine. It has an effective manner of driving the message to the audience and grabbing their interest.

Understanding how the brain works towards visualization is the most powerful method to maximize the potential of your social media content. Visualization helps our brains retain and remember information 60.000 times faster than text. While words are complex and imprecise, which makes them more difficult for our brain to retain, visuals are easier to understand and remember.

Since visual content is an indispensable part of a social media digital marketing strategy, check out the following 7 best design tools to create stunning and engaging social media visual content:

1.      Photo editing tools

Images can speak a thousand words to the viewer within seconds. Photos can increase your brand’s credibility among your targeted audience and have a huge influence on their purchasing decisions. High-quality images of the actual product or a representation of the service that your brand is selling help the audience get a clear idea of what they should expect if they make a purchase.

An image can also indicate the message your brand wants to transmit to your targeted audience without boring the viewer with a long and complex text. For example, if your brand addresses environmental concerns, an image of our Mother Earth or the recycling symbol helps the viewer understand the concept behind your company within seconds.

Best photo editing tool:

Canva is the most popular photo editing tool among designers and marketers. It not only comes with pre-loaded images but also free fonts, designs, and backgrounds that you can combine to create a unique image to represent your brand. This photo editing tool offers a multitude of templates easy to use to personalize your content for different social media channels.

2.      Infographic tools

Infographics are usually used to convert a huge amount of information into a visual representation which is easy to understand and remember. They can transform complicated data and statistics into a compelling visual display that your audience can read and retain without too much effort.

Written content containing statistics and abstract data will most likely bore the reader and decrease the percentage of retained information. Whereas, infographics, especially if they are placed next to entertaining illustrations, will allow your audience to view the message as less intimidating and complicated.

Best infographic tool:

Picktochart is an amazing tool for creating captivating and engaging infographics. You can use it to convert your content into an easy-to-consume visual display for your social media channels. It comes with a multitude of free and paid templates that you can choose from to personalize your infographics and tell the story of your brand.

3.      Use quotes to make images

Quote cards are another type of visual tools extremely famous on social media platforms. they are created by adding inspiring words to images to trigger emotions in the audience and influence their moods. Quote cards are among the most shared visual content on social media platforms because everybody likes to share inspiring and meaningful messages with their peers.

They can play a key role in encouraging the reader to feel in a certain way about your products, services, or brand. The key elements of quote cards are the font, the image used as a background, and, obviously, the message. To create an engaging quote card that will give the certain mood you want your audience to have, you need to make sure the background image blends perfectly with the text.

Best quote card tool:

Most marketers recommend Recite as the best quote card tool because it is very easy to use and comes with a multitude of unique backgrounds and designs. You can either use your own quote or choose the one you like from the already existing ones. The tool also offers a wide range of fonts that can match your brand’s style and your text.

4.      Video editing tools

Videos are amazing visual tools to build your brand’s online presence on social media channels and your web design. From animated explainer videos to customer testimonials, they can help your audience interact with your brand and products in a more interactive manner.

However, the written content integrated into your social media videos is just as important as the design and the aesthetics of the visuals. For example, the translation options of the video captions are the new golden rule for captioning the interest of the consumers if you are marketing your products or services to a wider, international audience on social media platforms. Pick Writers is a translation company reviews website you can use to ensure the message you want your global audience to know about your company is properly translated.

Best video editing tools:

The headliner is the most popular free video editing tool among marketer to create videos with captions. All you have to do is to upload the video and give it some time to transcribe the audio into captions automatically. You have all the basic editing tools for free to personalize your video to fully represent your brand.

5.      Tutorial tools

Tutorials are viral on the social media platforms these days. They usually contain content in the form of hacks, tips, and tricks that aim to help the viewer with a certain problem. They tend to be extremely effective in the social media marketing strategy because they engage people as they come as a solution to a challenge or problem.

They are informative videos that engage the audience because people like to learn new things. If you create compelling and entertaining tutorials, they can become one of the most valuable assets of your social media visual marketing strategy. Tutorials help your brand’s message to be perceived as an expert opinion which increases your credibility among your targeted audience and your sales for your e-commerce business.

Best tutorial tool:

Magisto is an amazing tool to help you create high-quality and engaging social media tutorials. Starting with the videos and photos you already have on your smartphone, you can use the tool’s special effects, themes, and editing tools to create a professional tutorial video for your social media channels.

6.      GIFcreation tools

Entertaining and engaging GIFs are one of the newest trends in social media visuals. Their length is long enough to show the audience more content than a single image would but also short enough to not bore them.  Animated GIFs are extremely fun to watch which is why they have a huge potential for advertising.

Best GIF creation tool:

Giphy offers a multitude of tools and features that make GIFs creation fun and easy. You can either use your creativity or choose from the wide range of backgrounds, caption, and stickers already existing on Giphy.

7.      Illustrations

Illustrations are really fun to see in our social media news feed and to share with our friends. Illustrations can help your brand be represented through an image in a very unique way which can be more engaging for your targeted audience.

Best Illustrations creation tool:

Adobe Illustrator is a great tool to create flat graphics and line art. You can create fun and unique logos, typography, drawings, and illustrations.

These days, visual content is a key success for marketing businesses, products, or concepts. Use these 7 design tools to create engaging and unique visual content for your social media channels.