5 Tips to Safely Shop Online – Use Your Credit Card More Efficiently

Shop Online

TechsPlace | Shopping online is a quintessential element of our modern lifestyle, and nowadays we are so used to shopping with our credit cards online that we don’t really give it a second thought. But of course, the web can be a pretty dangerous place, and there’s no denying that danger might be lurking right around the corner. Some hackers and online thieves might be looking to gain access to the data on our computers, but the vast majority of them are looking to steal people’s credit card information while shop online.

There are many ways they attempt to do this nowadays, and it’s important for you to do your part to stay safe online and protect your valuable financial information. Managing your money is not just about making smart financial choices, but also about making safe financial decisions. With that in mind, let’s talk about how you can safely shop online and we’ll throw in some handy tips on how you can use your credit card more efficiently as well.

Listen to your browser

Cybersecurity has come a long way over the years, and nowadays you have a lot of tools at your disposal that is already built into your phone and computer. From the antivirus software you use all the way to your browser, there are many tools you use on a regular basis that are doing their best to keep you safe. However, there’s only so much a tool can do on its own – you also need to comply and make the right choices.

Most importantly, you need to listen to your browser. Whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Edge, your browser will always tell you if a website has a secure connection if it is reputable and trusted, and whether or not it’s safe to shop there. Look for the icon right next to the URL that tells you whether or not the connection is secure and always back off from a site if the browser warns you that it’s not trustworthy.

Use a private device and a secure connection

Of course, there are other smart decisions you can make that will help keep you and your credit card information safe. For one, make sure to never type your credit card information into an untrusted device. Only have your credit card data in the devices that you personally use, and never shop online from a friend’s smartphone or someone else’s computer. You never know what their cybersecurity is like, or if the owners of those devices visit malicious websites.

What’s more, never shop online from an unsecured Wi-Fi network. Make sure to always shop when you’re connected to a secure private network or via your smartphone’s cellular data. If you hook up to a public Wi-Fi network or hotspot, you’re effectively inviting hackers to steal your credit card information.

Spend less on your credit card purchases

When it comes to shopping online in a smarter and more financially savvy way, you need to know how to minimize your credit card expenses. The key here is to, of course, look for deals and discounts, vouchers and coupons, but also to look for better payment options and better credit card providers. For example, in Australia the buy now, pay later trend has become very popular, as well as the interest-free credit card payment plans.

Right now, the humm90 interest-free credit card in Australia allows online shoppers to curb their credit card spending and save on interest fees, and this trend is present across Australia’s online stores and brands. No matter where you’re from, though, you should look for these perks and credit card plans that will let you avoid the interest fees on your online payments, and maybe even buy the items now but pay for them when you’re ready.

Use a credit card app for added security

Nowadays, many banks and credit card providers offer a dedicated app that lets you do all sorts of things like manage your finances, monitor everything related to your spending and your credit card, and the like. But most importantly, these apps come with security features that add a layer of security to all credit card transactions.

You can use the app to enable a feature that will ask you to confirm the purchase on a website by having to log into the app and get a one-time code, also called a unique token. This means that if anyone online tries to withdraw funds from your card, they won’t be able to do it without the code, so make sure to get an app that will help keep your money safe.

Check for select partners and rebates

And lastly, if you want to spend less on your online shopping, make sure to look for select partners that your credit card company is working with. Typically, you’ll find that credit card providers have their strategic partners, which are online shops where you can get discounts and special deals because you’re using the partner’s credit card. Some partnerships also include cashback and rebates on select purchases or purchase amounts, so that’s another great way to save some money when shopping online.

Nowadays, we’re all using our credit cards to shop online. While online shopping is second nature to us, it’s still important to stay vigilant, boost our online security, and at the end of the day, snag a better deal. Use these tips to achieve all of that and have an amazing online shopping experience in 2021.