Why Should you Pursue AWS Certification for your Career?

AWS Certification

TechsPlace | Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a platform that provides cloud computing services. AWS certifications are a great way to portray your skills as a software solutions designer and manager. The demand for AWS is at an all-time high with the ongoing technology boom and companies using cloud computing for a variety of business operations such as application hosting, web hosting, backup, disaster recovery, analytics, data storage, etc. The use of AWS has allowed companies to make their operations more cost-efficient, faster, and easier to scale. The demand for AWS professionals is indeed high and this is the best time to enter the market and seize the opportunity.

There are numerous benefits of getting AWS certification training. Amazon’s AWS is a market leader in the field of cloud computing and therefore provides several unbeatable benefits to the professionals who are well versed in AWS. Some of these benefits include –


  1. High Demand and Positive Future Outlook

Cloud technology has been gaining traction in the last few years and industry experts believe that the use and dependence on cloud computing will increase multi-fold in the coming years. This is a technology that is fast, economical, feature-rich, and comes without maintenance. The future outlook of this segment of the IT sector is positive. There is a high demand for professionals trained in AWS who know how to get the most out of Amazon’s cloud computing service. Small firms are also beginning to understand the importance of AWS in their business and are therefore hiring specialized professionals. The upcoming trends in the job market of the IT sector show an increased percentage of jobs coming from the cloud computing component. AWS certification can help you broaden your skillset, prepare for the future and get ample job opportunities.


  1. Develop Skills and Professional Expertise

AWS certification is a great way to develop and advance your skills and get professional expertise in the up-and-coming technology of the decade. AWS certification exams are difficult to crack and therefore, require thorough studies and commitment. However, the skills that you will gain and the expertise you will be certified with will help you advance in your career. This certification will also open up opportunities in various other sectors and will not restrict you to one type of job. This is great for people who like to work on different projects and are keen to upgrade their skill sets regularly.


  1. AWS Certification is Accessible

Anyone can pursue the AWS certification training and mark their entry into the world of cloud computing. Preparation for clearing the AWS certification would require proper guidance, industry exposure, and practical experience. The ease of getting this certification is one of the major advantages of AWS certification. There are numerous resources available that can help you get started with AWS. This certification is a must for anyone who aspires to become an AWS certified solutions architect. AWS certification courses offer an unparalleled learning experience through live demos, simulation exams, industry projects, and applied learning sessions that help make this certification accessible to all.


  1. Better Salary Prospects

With career advancement, you can also expect to get better salary prospects when you get AWS certification. According to a survey conducted by Global Knowledge, AWS certified professionals saw an increase of 25.9% in their salary. The average salary for a non-AWS certified professional working in the IT sector is around USD 90,000, whereas, for certified professionals, the salaries can go up to USD 120,000. With more experience and further AWS certifications, you can even expect better salaries. However, just getting the AWS certification is not enough. Certified professionals get paid according to the results they generate and the skills they have. Throughout the AWS certification course, the focus should be on developing and building new skills and getting practical experience. This will help you get better salary prospects in the industry.


  1. Become a Subject Matter Expert

This is one of the top advantages of getting an AWS certification. Once you have completed your training and are AWS certified, you will become eligible to access a unique Subject Matter Expert program offered by AWS. This unique program is a great way to add something extra to your profile. The Subject Matter Experts program helps AWS-certified candidates get additional resources and workshops that help in the skill development process. This can be added to your profile to further your career prospects.


  1. AWS is the top Cloud Computing platform

In all the Cloud Computing platforms available in the market, AWS is the topmost competitor. Other platforms such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer, Joyent, Rackspace, and Google Cloud Platform have a smaller presence in the market when compared to Amazon Web Services. Therefore, the value of an AWS certification is much higher. According to a report published by Gartner, AWS sees a 10 times higher growth rate than its other competitors. This can be attributed to the widespread use of the platform by big, medium, and small companies. The high demand would translate into better job opportunities, high salary prospects, and the freedom to choose the industry.

AWS certification is one of the best ways to give new heights to your professional expertise. This certification will prove useful for both freshers as well as working professionals. It will help you boost your resume by adding the top skills of the decade. Along with this, you will also get high-quality training during AWS certification training. One of the best parts about an AWS certification is the availability of higher certifications as well. This will allow AWS-certified professionals to upskill themselves with further certifications.

AWS certification will surely open up new career prospects for you. Through this certification, you will get the chance to expand your professional network and join a community of highly trained professionals. You can also work as a freelance post getting your certification and offer your services to multiple companies. There are more than 400,000 jobs available in this sector of the IT industry and the AWS certification is the best way to tap into this potential.