Best Internet Marketing Tools [#2 is my favorite]

Internet Marketing Tools

TechsPlace | There are so many internet marketing tools available on the web. Some of them are used to interface with customers and others enable you to better manage your marketing responsibilities. You need to choose internet marketing tools wisely as there many tools that are similar to each other but feature-wise they differ. So here you will be finding the best internet marketing tools that are essential for every business to succeed online.


This is the first in our list as when you come online to promote your business, you need to write correctly. There should be no any spelling or grammar mistakes as it can ruin your image. SentenceCheckup is the most popular sentence checker these days it can check for run-on sentence as well as fragment check. Moreover, if there are any grammatical errors, this tool can fix them for you.


As the name suggests, it is a tool that you need to correct your grammar and punctuation mistakes. This is really an easy to use tool. Just copy and paste the content in the text box and this punctuation checker by GrammarLookup will check the article for all grammar and punctuation mistakes. All the mistakes you can correct easily as all you need is click on the errors shown in the text box and GrammarLookup will show you the correction of that word.


When you enter the online marketing, you need to know what are your competitor’s doing and from where they are getting backlinks. Ahrefs can help you to find all the data of your competitors that you need to outrank them as when you have a list of websites from where your competitors are getting backlinks, you can reach out to them and can offer better content than your competitor. By doing this, you can easily get backlinks to your website too.


When you are looking to create content that can easily get viral on social media, then Buzzsumo can help you in this. All you need is just enter any keyword and it will come up with all the topics related to your search that got many shares and engagements. Moreover, it will also let you know who shared these popular topics. So, you can reach out and ask them to share your content too.

Google Analytics

This is one of the most famous tools. You can track the performance of your website. You can check how many users visit your website and which page got many views. Also, you can check how much time visitors are spending on your website as well as which keywords are deriving more traffic to your website. So by checking all these data, you can make your future strategies.

Crazy Egg

This is also a must-have tool. It lets you get the behavior of visitors when they land to your website. You can check where most of the users are clicking and which area of your website or landing page is not getting hits. It is really a great tool as you check the customer behavior and can make changes to your website accordingly. Moreover, you can check from where the visitors are coming from like are they coming organically or from any social network or from any other paid campaign. This will let you change your strategy accordingly.


These days, Social media is playing a vital role in promoting brands or products. Sometimes it is not very easy to manage all your social media accounts. But, Hootsuite can help you in that. It is a tool that can post on all famous social networks for you. Just create an account on Hootsuite and add all your Social Media accounts to it. You can publish one post to all social networks from here. Moreover, you can schedule all the posts and reply to messages that you get from any social networks from Hootsuite. This can save loads of time for you. All in all, you can manage all your social networks from one place.

So, these are the most popular internet marketing tools that you should use. Some tools listed here are paid and others are free. Check all of them and take your marketing strategies to the next level.