What Are The Best POS Systems For Your Coffee Shop?

Best POS Systems

TechsPlace | POS (point of sale) system is a handy system for any business regardless of whether it is of large scale or small scale. In today’s phase of digitalization, very less number of people likes to pay through cash and they mostly prefer to pay through their debit or credit cards. Similarly, in a coffee shop or cafe, the POS system is essentially used to manage all the financial transactions related to the business. At POS system you can connect it with your outside software and programmers and can integrate them to avoid double entries. A POS system for coffee shop usually consists of a register, a cash cabinet, a receipt printer, a debit card or a credit card reader. For further information look at: Cafe POS systems.

There are various essential highlights that you need to consider before investing your money in your POS system. The stresses that you should look for in your order are:

1)    Convenience

In a business such as coffee shop or cafe, POS system is something that you’ll have to deal with regularly. Therefore, a system that has a simple user interface is necessary. Also, a system should be one that is easy to teach as well so that employees don’t have to struggle with the system daily.

2)    Stock management

POS system for a coffee shop should have a proper inventory management function in it because in a coffee shop you need to deal with some different products. Therefore, you should buy a system that can manage your stock and could tell you regarding every detail of your inventory.

3)    Reporting

In a coffee shop business, usually there is always a high turnover of consumers and due to this employees too still remain busy to address them. In the case, a POS system having good reporting highlight can help employees to a great extent. Therefore, one should prefer a system that can also have the ability to get compatible with the mobile device easily.

Best POS Systems For The Coffee Shops

Though numerous POS systems will be available to you, here we are discussing some of the best methods that you should consider for your coffee shop. Have a look:

1)    SQUARE

Do you have a small coffee shop or you are a beginner? If yes, then the square system is one of the best considerations for your coffee shop. To use the primary square system, you don’t need to pay anything, but for the advanced one, there is a nominal charge that you need to spend. It has incorporated with the updated features of retail or restaurants and also has a simple user interface. The pricing structure of the processing system is 2.75% on every single swipe of a card.


Shopkeep system is a fantastic system for almost all small to the medium-sized business purpose. It is incredibly affordable to have as the system allows its users to customize its features according to their choice. The system will only charge you for the features you want in your PC. Additionally, Shopkeep system is one such thing that has incorporated with the most stunning inventory management and reporting functions. Similar to square, it also has a smooth and straightforward user interface.

3)    Lightspeed restaurant

Lightspeed is an astounding POS app that is best for the small business. The primary and most popular plan of light speed system cost around $69 per month. With this, you can analyze your sales instantly and can manage it on any device in real time. One of the unique highlights of light speed is it is highly mobile, and also you can make modifications in this system accordingly. You can make the employees visible or invisible from all around the shop or café.

4)    TOAST

Toast is a POS system that costs you $79 per month but is worth having for your coffee shop. It allows you to have a consumer-facing screen, with the help of which your customer can see your employees, and it will help them for the tipping purpose. With toast, you can manage your employees and inventory with a single click. You can additionally add on for the kitchen display screen, kiosk POS and online ordering as well.


Therefore, these were some best POS system that you can consider before buying for your coffee shop or cafe.