5 Useful Tips to Create Facebook Ads Campaigns

Facebook Ads Campaigns

TechsPlace | Investing in social networks can increase lead generation and business opportunities for greater return. And thou? Do you already know how to create campaigns on Facebook and boost the results you can have with this tool? The Facebook Ads is a tool that enables a high power range and converting the desired audience for a business. All this is made possible by the speed and ease with which campaigns of great impact are generated on a well segmented public. Know your business or what you want to promote:…

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How to Calculate Your Social Reach

Social Reach

TechsPlace | In the year 2019, statistics indicate that the total number of social media users across the globe could surpass 2.77 billion. To illustrate, that’s almost like the whole population of China and India combined. Considering that almost eight out of ten Americans are active on social media, it’s become one of the most powerful marketing tools spanning multiple industries. This is where the whole concept of social reach comes into play. In a nutshell, social reach is a metric used to describe your brand’s audience size or how…

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A Breakdown of Hybrid vs. Native Mobile App Development Costs

App Development

TechsPlace | According to the mobile app development UK stats, the mobile app market will grow 385% by the year 2021. With the mobile app market growing exponentially, it is only sensible to create apps not only to meet the consumer’s demand but also to increase the financial value of your company. From the early days, native apps dominated the market. They were created using programs like Objective C (iOS) and Java (Android). But with the arrival of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, many companies have started preferring hybrid apps. But…

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Effective and Efficient: 3 Super Sales Management Techniques

Sales Management

TechsPlace | A Sales Manager is someone responsible for the productivity of the sales team, a very important factor for any organization. It is the performance of the sales team which has a direct co relation with the revenues earned, a brilliant sales team is an asset for any organization. However, brilliant sales teams are not found by accident, they are made. This is where your role as the Sales Manager can be most clearly understood and defined. It is the job of the Sales Manager to build the best…

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3 Hurdles Slowing Down Your Sales Cycle

Sales Cycle

TechsPlace | It is a known fact that time is money, but sales folks are the only ones to realize how true this statement is. Every second you spend with an uncertain prospect is the time you could spend on generating more business. Lengthy sales cycle can also adversely affect your forecast when you least expect it. Not all sales can be closed quickly. There are reasons why it gets slowed down and strategies that your team could use to speed them up. Here are the three hurdles that might…

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How High Achievers Approach Sales Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline

TechsPlace | Sales pipeline is a visual interpretation of the Company’s sales leads and prospects stacked up together. The better a company manages it’s sales pipeline, by moving the sales process smoothly from one step to the next the more they can initiate new sales processes. Therefore good sales pipeline management leads to better sales figures. Generally high achievers are result oriented people, driven by their desire to succeed and excel at every field.  They approach each adverse situation as a problem to be solved instead of like a burden…

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6 Reasons To Choose Software Development As Your Career

Software Development

TechsPlace | Your college grades may reflect your sincerity and commitment towards work, which are very much important for a software developer. For enhanced grades, you may find high-quality term papers and thesis and dissertations at Cheapessay.net. Now-a-days there is no shortage of talent but jobs. People always get confused while choosing their profession. They want job security, good pay and an easy schedule as well. But such jobs are very rare to find. Is it so? Let’s find out. Here are the 6 reasons why you must choose software…

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5 Things Most SEO Consultants Hate

SEO consultants

TechsPlace | When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there are a fair number of dos and don’ts. Although most people can follow best practices, these are the things that most SEO consultants for example SEO Toronto, hate. To get great results, avoid these common mistakes. Following the Competition’s Example Although SEO consultants may notice that competitors ignore guidelines, this isn’t going to result in long-term success. They may engage in practices like exact match domains, shady link-building, and similar loopholes. In the short-term, these techniques may help with…

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