6 Best Tumblr Tips and Tricks

Tumblr Tips

TechsPlace | Where in romance, you come into a relationship for what you love and Leave for what you discover; the Tumblr logo boasts of “Come for what you love, Stay for what you discover.” Needless to say that ‘Being adequately social on a social media site is the best tip to make YOU popular.’ In distinct ways, you can show your civility on Tumblr by unabashedly following an array of blogs that fit your theme and likeness, reblog or share the posts that you like, fan mail to the people whose blog captivates you (this one not quite unabashedly). And if you still don’t find it satisfactory then here are 6 Tumblr Tips and Tricks to make your experience far more interesting:

  1. A Right Tag in Right Time saves a popular blog

When you post in your blog, make sure that you add relevant tags by exploring them first (Tag the Right Tag). Go to the explore tab on your homepage and check out the popular posts and their hashtags.

This will let you know about the famous search words which you can use for your job and will increase the chances of your post being found by the users. Time invested in this will prove its worth eventually. Nothing beats the right appearance except for lousy timing.

With the correct name, you should also prefer the proper schedule, which is suggested to be at and around 7: 00 pm – 10: 00 pm.

  1. Extracting a Reply

Allow your followers to interact with you quickly, and there is no better way to encourage interaction than by posing your blog with a question. What you can do is, while representing a post, add a ‘?’ at the end of your post (not literally, but with an actual question).

This can allow your followers to reply to you directly from your dashboard. Don’t forget to return the favor by replying to the people and their posts because a generous act is mostly reciprocated. Another right way of responding is by tagging their usernames.

  1. Lots of post-editing

Tumblr provides this unique feature where you can edit or delete lots of old posts at one go. If you suddenly decide to organize or reorganize all your past jobs, be it for change of subject, content, hast tags, etc. this can be done in bulk by selecting the posts to amass and edit or delete them at the same time.

To use this facility, open the homepage of the blog that requires editing, opt for the Mass Post Editor in the right-hand panel. Beneath, you will find Edit Appearance and edit your posts collectively. This will not only save time and effort but also encourage innovation and creativity.

  1. Queue and Schedule

It is essential to be frequent and post regularly to retain your followers’ interest in social media. You can create a lot of posts in one go but secure the regularity and consistency by scheduling them in a separate set of timings on Tumblr.

There are two distinct features of Schedule and Queue. You can Schedule a new post while posting it by specifying the exact time and date for it to go live. Whereas Tumblr Video Downloader is a free tool to download any Tumblr Video;

While Queue is used for a list of jobs that will go live on a predefined timetable, which can be changed by determining the number of posts you would like to go live in a day or confine the posts to appear only for definite hours.

You can change your Queue settings from Profile > Edit appearance> Queue. You can also add post to your Queue list, the arrow attached to the Reblog option will generate a drop-down menu where you get the opportunity to Add to Queue.

  1. Easy Sharing Activation

As a social media rule, the more your post is shared, the more popular you become. You can facilitate the same by adding a sharing button. This may seem hard in theory but is relatively easy in practice.

For doing this, you go to the Buttons, where you customize the share and follow buttons by finding your preferred option. Then a code will appear on the right-hand side of the screen as per your chosen design. You have to copy the code, log in to Tumblr on a new tab, and then go to Settings and open on a Customize Theme.

After that, you will find the option of Edit HTML below the Custom Theme. Now paste the copied code for the Follow and Share Buttons in your Tumblr Theme code and you are done.

  1. Peek on the Draft

To keep things rolling with the view of keeping your followers interested, you can also share a preview of your draft post. This helps you in generating interest in your post, getting popular opinion even before the actual position is sent live, and informing your followers that you are working on something new.

For this, you have first to save your post as a draft. Then you go back to the saved draft and click on the folded page symbol on the upper right corner of the job. It will appear in the form of a blog template as a tab of your blog post.

You may copy the URL and share it. The URL generated is a temporary one and will disappear after you publish it. This is also an effective way of previewing your draft.

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