What are the Best Online Video Tools for Teachers?

Online Video Tools For Teachers

TechsPlace | Technological advancements have changed the way of life, including the way teachers conduct their lessons. From the traditional classroom setting, teachers can now teach remotely with the help of online video tools for teachers. It is a timely teaching method, as 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. The brain processes visual info sixty thousand times faster. Attention span-wise, students, are more likely to watch videos than reading texts.

If you are a teacher and are in search for the best video editor software, then you have come to the right place. Below are some of the thoroughly curated online video tools for teaching personnel.

  • PowToon – Using this tool, you can instantly create animated presentations and videos. There are readily available templates that help you instantly create animations simply by dragging and dropping the items you like. You have the option to customize the templates using your images, voice-overs, and music. Should you wish to use all available templates and backgrounds, you have to upgrade your subscription as they are not available in the free version.
  • Hippo Video – It is an all-in-one online video editor for teaching personnel. It handles the entire video life cycle from video creation, editing, video hosting, sharing, and tracking. You can easily integrate the video with other online platforms such as Google Slides, Google Classroom, Gmail, Google Docs, and Desire2Learn LMS, to name a few. The good news is once you sign up with Hippo Video, all the integrations mentioned above are included. You don’t need to upgrade your subscription to enjoy all these features.
  • Animoto – This online video editor free lets you turn photos and video clips into videos and slideshows. There are instant video styles that you can easily modify by adding text and music. It is used not only by teachers but by students, too, especially when creating book reports, photo essays, and student portfolios. However, the free version does not allow download or sharing of videos. You need to upgrade your subscription to be able to avail of such functions.
  • Flixtime – It is a free video tool that lets you create custom, production-quality videos. It uses micro audio technology enabling users to choose award-winning tracks, stock music, and sound effects. All the outputs can be used for personal and independent commercial purposes.
  • Screenr (Annotated screenshots) – This video tool allows you to annotate and screen capture easily. It is also compatible with PNG format. Once you’re done with the annotation, you can proceed with the upload, and you’ll have the shareable link.
  • Webineria – It is a screencast tool that you can easily download for free. Through Webineria, you can easily capture screen activity and create picture-in-picture video. It also comes with editing options such as adjusting the quality of the recording, audio editing, and webcam properties. The videos can be uploaded to the web in a flash format for free. You can host your videos for free, plus the videos are saved in the tool section. You can easily share your videos through emails or embed them on your website.
  • CamStudio – it is a downloadable video editing tool that enables you to record your screen, including the audio. The outputs are in AVI or SWF formats. The AVI files can be easily converted into flash. It comes with annotation features such as adding text, callout insertions, and cursor options, which include default, hidden, or highlight – all while you are recording your screen. It has its lossless codec that creates crystal clear outputs with smaller file sizes when compared with other commonly used codecs. While there is a lot of good stuff, the problem is it does not have editing capability. It comes with a few video options such as frame rates, control compression, and quality, and time-lapse, but they’re too technical to use. Your output can only be shared with your students. Many teaching personnel uses this tool because it brings education to life by creating customized content.
  • Ezvid – It is a video creation tool that is free. It allows you to create a multitude of the task, such as capturing everything that appears on your computer screen. You can easily edit recorded videos such as splitting your recordings, text and audio insertion and controlling video speed.
  • BlueBerry Flashback Express Recorder – It allows you to capture your screen while recording yourself using a webcam. With its state of the art video editing features, you can create professional-quality videos in an instant. It comes with a user-friendly interface enabling you to create high-quality videos even if you are not a pro. It comes with a scheduled recording feature ensuring you wouldn’t miss online events. It comes with a player that functions like a VCR, which you can use to review your recording.
  • Screencast-O-Matic – It is a screencast tool available in both desktop and online versions. It comes with free video hosting and enables you to record your screen. You can also publish your output straight to video platforms such as YouTube. The free version is good enough for basic video creation and comes with limitations such as 15-minute recording time and a small watermark when recording. It does not permit webcam-only recording, zoom, and annotate while recording.
  • Splicd – It is perfect for teachers who are in need of short clips of particular YouTube videos. You can easily grab the section you need and store it as a separate file. It lets you save time, especially if your purpose is just to show brief snippets.
  • Ustream – it is compatible with distance learning, especially when connecting between classrooms. This video editing tool allows teachers to set up a live stream and broadcast a lesson where the audience can chat and interact in real-time.

With these video tools, teachers and allied teaching personnel can easily create high-quality videos in an instant. Most of these video tools are free with essential functions. You have the option to upgrade your subscription should you wish to avail of the advanced features.