How to Capture Visitors Data Without Any Disturbance

Capture Visitors Data

TechsPlace | Websites have changed a lot during the last few years from simple page websites to responsive and interactive websites with live chat. Every single visitor on a website is important for any type of business. Most businesses want visitors to their websites to either make an online purchase or make an inquiry. Often, this is also the goal of a person when they arrive on the website, so both sides achieve their desired result. However, on some occasions, prospects are simply browsing the site for information and won’t immediately become customers.

Are you doing anything to grab the details of these visitors? They are not necessarily coming to you with an intention of buying something online, but there are high chances that they can convert into customers in the future. So, it is very important to get the visitors’ details, so that you can contact them later on and try to convert them.

How to obtain customer details?

A visitor can give you his details if you are offering him something valuable in return for free. It is called “a lead magnet” or “ethical bribe” which you use to obtain his e-mail. Only the thing is that it has to be a high value content so that it is worth obtaining in return of the e-mail.

  1. Blog subscription

If you have a blog on your website, excellent and if not, you can integrate one soon. You can ask your blog visitors to subscribe to your blog with their e-mail so that you can send them e-mails containing your latest blog post links and updates.

  1. Newsletter subscriptions

Useful stories and informative content can be sent as newsletters and having a newsletter subscription box on your site can help you get readers’ e-mails. Since newsletters are valued a lot by general readers and prospects, they readily submit their e-mails for regular newsletters.

  1. EBooks

EBooks are one the best ways to capture visitor details. EBooks are electronic publications, which are downloaded online. You can put up free downloadable eBooks for visitors in exchange of their e-mails which can educate and guide them in a particular topic of your industry. You need a very high quality content for e-books in order to obtain e-mails.

  1. PDF/Brochure

Brochures which provide details about your packages or schemes to the users can be put in PDF format for download in exchange with the e-mail.

  1. White paper

Similar to eBook, white paper is an electronic publication available for all to download. Whitepapers tend to be reports compiled by businesses & contain useful information. Researchers can readily download them by giving their e-mails.

  1. Online Quizzes

Create a quiz on your website that users can enter into to win a prize or gift. It can be your own digital product like an eBook or a discount coupon of some affiliate product like an SEO tool. Consumers love getting something for nothing, so quizzes are a great way to obtain their details.

  1. A Free Demo

Providing free demo of your product or service to the visitors is a smart and the most effective way to get their email. You can provide them a free demo of your tool, software, video tutorials, or digital publications. This also gives you a chance to showcase your products in front of the visitors. After getting a demo they are most likely to buy the products because they understand the usefulness of the product better.
Once you select any of the above incentive tactics to obtain details, now you need to create a signup form to get the details of the visitor and place it on website.

You should obtain only necessary details like name, email, phone number or whatever is needed for establishing a communication with the reader. Signup form should not be too lengthy or visitors would prefer to skip the crucial step of subscribing.

The technique we choose to request details should not affect the user experience. Pop ups are commonly used to grab the attention of the visitors. Many times the users get annoyed by the pop ups of the subscription forms because they interrupt what they are doing on your site. Placing the subscription form at one side of the page or in the sidebar works well without interrupting the reader. Google has brought a new update from January 2017 where they are going to prefer websites with less or no pop ups over the ones who have the disturbing pop ups.

How to Ask for Details Politely with the following placements

Action Points:

  1. Present a Pop-up at the End of Your Content
  2. Introduce a Pop-up When User Signals Exit-intent
  3. Slide in a Request after a Page Scrolls
  4. Display a Sticky Top Bar
  5. Add in the Sidebar
  6. Position a Subscribe Box at the end of Your Content


Acquiring subscribers is highly important because it is the only mode of communication that you can rely on in order to have conversations with the visitor and possibly convert the reader into a paying subscriber or a customer.