List of Best Cross-Platform Tools to Choose For Mobile Apps & Games Development

Cross Platform App Development

TechsPlace | An idea for building the most amazing app just came to your mind! You are probably confused: Whether to choose, iOS or Android platform? However, the intelligent question should be: Why to choose? Both the platforms are great, for different and equal reasons. It is advantageous to choose one platform and build a great native experience around it, especially in case of Consumer apps. Each platform comprises millions of users who are looking for fluid app experiences. Building native applications are advantageous, but a creative and well-built cross…

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Could Internet of Things (IoT) Really Change the Way of Life?

Internet of Things

TechsPlace | The trend of bringing billions of devices online is on the rise. Day-to-day objects can now be connected the internet. This allows storage and sharing of information in a huge database. Easy availability of broadband internet is working as a blessing and one of the key catalysts for it. Naturally, Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as an everyday phenomenon and an interesting conversation starter. Internet of Things – What is It? Internet of things is a disruptive technology for all businesses alike; be it government, industrial, consumer,…

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How to Capture Visitors Data Without Any Disturbance

Capture Visitors Data

TechsPlace | Websites have changed a lot during the last few years from simple page websites to responsive and interactive websites with live chat. Every single visitor on a website is important for any type of business. Most businesses want visitors to their websites to either make an online purchase or make an inquiry. Often, this is also the goal of a person when they arrive on the website, so both sides achieve their desired result. However, on some occasions, prospects are simply browsing the site for information and won’t…

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Project Management Tools for Modern Business

Project Management Tools

TechsPlace | Project Management is a vital business operation factor for the most of the modern enterprises. So, it effectively represents a challenge to all projects and depends on the organizational resource and technical complexities. It is an online system for working as well as collaborating on projects. These project management tools help the team members and outside partners keep an eagle eye on each detail to bring a project to fruition. The best project management tool assists the team to manage common issues like slipped deadlines by robotically rescheduling…

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How To Prepare Yourself For Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

PMP Certification

TechsPlace | The details of PMP exam procedure is available in PMBOK guide. It is necessary to read, study, and understand the PMBOK Guide. Details are also provided by the institute where you are opting PMP certification training. At the same time, your personal experience in project management and know-how in this field can help you a lot in taking the exam preparation. While the basic guidance can help, you design your preparation strategy, it will not function as the ultimate thing to pass the exam. Preparation Procedures for the Examination…

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Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality: The Era of Immersive Computing Starts Now

Virtual Reality

TechsPlace | The idea of constructing the whole word inside a tiny headset sounds fascinating. Then again, blending digital components with real life situations promises enhanced the experience. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can help achieve these two scenarios. Understanding technologies that can alter human perception can get confusing. It starts with differentiating the two. Augmented reality brings technology to users, while virtual reality can take them away from existing actuality. Difference between VR & AR AR and VR have the remarkable ability to change human perception of…

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Run Your Business Like An Expert With These Free Task Management Tips

Task Management

TechsPlace | Running a business is certainly a lucrative opportunity for too many sane people around the globe, and it presents some really rewarding benefits too. Provided with the rise in the entrepreneurial spirit around the globe, we could see so many people pooling in to get their hands dirty in the opportunity. Entrepreneurial ventures have shown a glowing path to success especially to freelancers. Entrepreneurial ventures provide the independence to free-lancers, something that they are fond of experiencing and provide them an opportunity to earn extra. But with the…

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10 Uses You Should Know About Bitcoins for Your Business


TechsPlace | Many people are trying to get hold of the notion of what exactly is a Bitcoin. 2013 was a breakout year for Bitcoin. With any new technology, there is associated some merits and demerits, risks and rewards, Bitcoin is no special. Today I am going to scrutinize the idea of why your business should contemplate the idea of acquiring Bitcoin and even more importantly explain from a business stand point “what is in for me”. 1. You don’t need to be a Bitcoin expert to start accepting Bitcoins…

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