A Comprehensive Guide On Java Test

Java Test

TechsPlace | Java is a programming language. Java is used by the majority of applications running on one’s computer, mobile, and laptops. It is the foundation of almost all Java platforms and standard edition, and it is also used in development and deployment of portable code for a personal computer and other computer networks. A professional interested in working in the field of core JAVA developing should be skilled in basics of JAVA and object-oriented programming concept and also be an expert in JAVA general purpose packages.

Why is it necessary for the company to screen the JAVA PROFESSIONALS?

It is expected from a JAVA professional to know certain things such as:

  • Abstraction and encapsulation: A JAVA programmer should know the difference between abstraction and encapsulation and how can they be utilized in JAVA.
  • Difference between equals and operators: operator is used to comparing if articles whereas equals() is a reference defined in JAVA and it is used to compare the content of an object.
  • Collections: A JAVA professional should possess a good knowledge of collections as it would be helpful in saving from many performances related issues. He should know certain things such as
  • Difference between list, set, and map.
  • Difference between a linked list and array list
  • Difference between HashSet and Tree set
  • Difference between Hashmap, Hashtable, and concurrent Hashmap
  • He should be aware of the contract between equals and Hash code: it used to know how JAVA operates internally.
  • Difference between Abstract class and interface should be known.
  • A person should be able to answer the questions based on string class, why it has been made immutable in JAVA?
  • Why is char [] array preferred over string class to store the password in JAVA?
  • Class loading and what is the function of the class loaders should be  known by the professional
  • What is multi-threading in JAVA applications? Where it can be used

When hiring a candidate a company expects one fit to be fit for after the initial days of training, but the person should have relevant knowledge of JAVA even to go through the training process. This knowledge of a candidate can be checked through JAVA test.

Things JAVA test would help the company in measuring the candidate:

  • Does one know basics of JAVA programming?
  • Is the person aware of concepts of object-oriented programming?
  • Does one has the knowledge of general purpose core JAVA packages
  • Is the person capable of performing the tasks where exceptions are involved
  • Is he aware of multi threading programming concepts
  • Does one have the hands-on skill of debugging and developing a program?

These tests are known to make the company aware of the person’s capability in debugging a program in java and also what is his problem-solving capability when it comes to JAVA.

This test is a time stipulated test which is aimed at evaluating the knowledge, development skills, concept application and analytical skills of a candidate appearing for the test. It helps the company make a wise decision while selecting a candidate through the screening process it may be followed by a personal interview or another test as per company’s requirement.

This is one of the few examples of the format in which a java test can be held. It depends upon the company which kind of JAVA test it requires to assimilate the candidates appearing for the test. The test can be modified as per the company requires, whether it wants the test to be moderate, easy or hard is dependent on the company. The test is also decided by the company by positions which a company is seeking to hire the candidates for the job.

All these modifications can be made by a company known to produce and conduct these tests. It has experienced professionals known to prepare test by customer requirement whether it be for fresher opting to join the company as a junior programming developer or an experienced executive who wants to join the company as an operating manager. The tests can be made to evaluate skills for each positional level which a company wants to recruit a candidate for.

These tests have been known to have helped many companies in mass recruitment. They have been known to make out a difference of chalk and cheese when it comes to testing a skill of a candidate regarding JAVA programming. It has made the life of an interviewer easier as the candidate facing the interview would have to pass the test and is expected to know the technicality of the JAVA programmer. It has also helped the company capable of selecting a candidate as per its required profile as the test has been modified as per company’s requirement to test the knowledge of a candidate in its required field.

The chances of recruitment by mere luck or fluke are reduced as the candidate not only has to prove his skills in one format but all the required skills he would need to possess to be a JAVA developer are tested thoroughly. Then if the company requires, it can check the knowledge of these candidates who have qualified for the interview on the basis JAVA test and make a wise decision.

The JAVA test has saved a lot of resources of a company by making the recruiting process short and sound, as the company is aware the candidate who would pass this test would be aware of the fundamentals of JAVA.