Drones for Beginners: What Drone To Buy to Start Flying

Drones for Beginners

TechsPlace | If you are reading this post regarding Drones for Beginners, it is because you are thinking about getting started in the world of uncrewed aircraft. Our main recommendation is that you start with a drone to start because they offer you the characteristics you need to get on the right foot in this world: they are resistant, easier to handle, stable and above all, cheaper, with what you do not It will hurt so much that I have an “accident,” something quite common on the first flights.

Drones for Beginners: the famous Syma

They are drones with personality: Syma models are increasingly appreciated among lovers of uncrewed aircraft, especially among those who start, both for their excellent quality/price ratio, you will be surprised by their performance, as well as their handling, for something is the brand for initiation that sells the most in the world.

Present on the market for years, it offers great confidence among its users, both for the security of acquiring a responsive drone and for the ease of finding spare parts for almost any component, another highly valued factor among the pilots of these aircraft. It is quite common for a propeller, a leg to be damaged… so, if you go for a Syma drone, you will know that you can carry out these small repairs without a problem, even yourself if you dare.

These medium-sized drones for beginners are designed to fly in the open field, offer a smooth, stable flight and are so easy to handle that it is even a good drone for children and another aspect that you will surely love, is that they all have a built-in HD camera, enriching the experience of flying your first multicopter very much. Check out Do’s and Don’ts while flying Drone.

Our first recommendation is the new Syma X5UW, a drone with live vision (FPV), with improved design and performance compared to its predecessor, the Syma X5HW drone, the best-selling in 2016. With a range of 80 m and an intermediate size of 32 × 32 cm, it is a perfect drone to fly outdoors, resists even small gusts of wind. Its HD camera with WiFi connection emits directly to your mobile, where you will see the same thing that your drone is “seeing” and even allows you to pilot it using only your smartphone, a whim of a drone at a more than interesting price.

If what you want is for your drone to record directly to an SD card, then your best choice is the new Syma X5UC, an improved version of the famous Syma X5HC multicopter, one of the first to incorporate a barometer that greatly improved its stability. The most striking feature of the Syma X5UC drone is its completely ergonomic control and design, as well as it is easy to place and charge batteries, eliminating the problem of the complicated connection of the old Li-Po batteries.

You can also choose to view the images live on the screen incorporated in the drone control, as it happens in JXD drones, specifically in the 509G and 510G models.

These two new models incorporate a series of systems such as barometer or height control, Headless for automatic orientation, take – off / landing button that greatly improves its maneuverability.

Mini Drones and Micro Drones: Fly up to Home

Do you want to start flying your UAV both at home and abroad? Take a look at the Cheerson brand; it has mini drones with all the features despite their size. Nervous and dynamic, they are the best choice if you want to start with a small one.

While it takes longer to learn how to control them, these mini drones are also much more fun. When you “connect” with your Cheerson multicopter, it will be difficult to wait until you have more batteries to continue enjoying its flights and stunts.

JJRC and Eachine also stand out among small-size aircraft for beginners, both for the good result that their drones offer as well as for their benefits at a reduced price. A very good option to debut in the world of multicopters. If we had to choose a mini drone, we would keep these:

Micro Drone Cheerson CX Stars: It is the smallest drone on the market but not the slowest; it is a nerve-wracking, stable aircraft with 2 flight speeds, so complete that it allows you to fly it in Headless Mode or to do tricks. Incredible the number of options that this Micro Drone has that does not bulge more than a coin. Ideal for practicing indoors.

Eachine H8 3D mini:  This mini drone is the only one of its size capable of Reverse Flight and even though it weighs only 20g. It has multiple systems such as 6-axis gyroscope, Headless, and Homecoming functions, which make it very easy to pilot, being able to use even the smallest ones.

 And to start with a more advanced drone: Hubsan Drones

If you want a drone to get started but with high performance, Hubsan is undoubtedly your brand, incorporating in its aircraft components that only professional drones carry, such as GPS, FollowMe, UltraHD camera with live broadcast or Brushless motors, offering a much more experience attractive and also with an excellent quality/price ratio. Here we show you the two drones to start with high performance that we like the most:

Hubsan X4 H502S Drone: A medium-sized drone with the live vision on its screen, designed for those who are starting in this world, but do not want to skimp on features. This multicopter features a Barometer, Headless Mode, 6-Axis Gyroscope, Homecoming, and Automatic Landing, making it a stable and easy to operate a drone. So far, little differs from the rest of drones to start, but this model also includes GPS, FollowMe function, and a large range of up to 300 meters, aspects highly sought by fans of these multicopters, as it expands its possibilities of use.

Drone Hubsan X4 H501S: It is the improved version of the H502S, which adds a camera that emits in FullHD, 20 minutes of flight, and brushless motors. This drone delights photography fans both for the quality of the images, which are seen live on its screen and for its great autonomy and reliability thanks to its brushless motors, a whole entrance through the big door in the world of drones.

As you will see, you have at your fingertips all kinds of drones to start, with which you can live multiple aerial experiences. For inside or outside the home, big or small, with or without a camera, you have multiple options to choose how you want to learn to fly. You just have to think about what you want to do with the drone and choose the one that meets these needs. If you still have doubts about which may be the best drone for you, then check out the reviews hs 700 drones reviewed some top raking drones for beginners.