Do’s and Don’ts While Flying Drone

Flying Drone

TechsPlace | A recent study conducted by aerial system groups such as NASA shows that it is a matter of time before drones become more common. At the start, the drones were expensive and common folks cannot afford them. Nowadays, there are many cheap drones available on the market that a normal can buy easily. As more people are buying and flying drones, the chances of crash and accident also increased. Do you want drones for less than $200 list? You can search on the internet for the best drones and their reviews. In this article, we will show you some safety tips that will help you fly drone safely.


Good Weather

Try to fly your drone in ideal conditions like on a sunny day. Good weather helps you fly your drone easily and also allows you to keep it in your sight. Try to avoid flying your drone in the rain and cloudy skies. If you flying a drone on a sunny day with strong winds, then you can face problems flying it as it has to face the strong winds.

Keep It in Your Sight

Always keep your drone in your sight while flying to avoid any accident or crash. Some of the modern drones have a GPS. GPS helps the drone to get back to the location where it took off. Cheap drones do not have that feature so if you are using a cheap model then it is better to always keep it in your sight. It is better if you fly it in an open place.

Stay Away from The Airports

Flying your quad-copter near an airport is not good. Modern drones have a feature in the apps that includes the airport in their no-fly zones. Anyway, there is not any solution from bird collision but you can avoid accidents with an airplane. In 2016, an airplane pilot to switch from autopilot to manual flight to avoid the collision with a drone at Paris Airport.

Avoid Interference

The drones are operated with a dedicated remote or from a smartphone app. The signals from the remote or app help you fly your drone. There are chances of interference with the signal waves. One of my friends was flying his drone under a river bridge. Accidentally the drone triggered “return to home” function from the remote of another drone pilot. After that, the drone goes up and smack in the bridge and crash into the river. So always alert of any electromagnetic interference that can affect the control of your drone.


Do Not Fly in Public Places

The first thing you should avoid is flying a drone in public places. Suppose you are flying your drone and it accidentally crash in the air and hit a man and he got injured. The man will start finding the owner and possibly will attack you in anger. Moreover, there are some laws of the accident injury and you may have to pay for his suffering. Keep this thing in mind that no one is a fan of drone.

Do Not Fly Over A House

Another thing, you should not do is to fly a drone over someone’s house. You should avoid it, especially when your drone has a camera. There are some incidents, where people throw rocks on drones or even shoot them with a shotgun. Moreover, if your drone crashes and injured a pet or child, you could be liable for criminal or civil penalties.

Do Not Fly Above 400 Feet

The maximum height allowed for the drone is 400 feet. If you fly above 400 feet, there are chances of hitting an airplane or hang glider. Airplane pilot is not able to see your drone.

Do Not Fly Above Roads

You should avoid flying the drone above busy roads. If your drone crash on a busy road such as major roads and freeways may cause a major accident.

Do Not Fly Above Military Base

Recently, the department of defense has authorized the base leaders to shoot any drone flying over the base. The Military does not like the surveillance assets.

Keep these do’s and don’ts while flying your drone to avoid any kind of problem. As a quad-copter pilot, you need to be responsible and follow all the rules.