List of Best SSL Certificate Providers

SSL Certificate

TechsPlace | With the rise of internet usage, users are now demanding a sigh of relief for their data. Hackers always find sensitive data as ripe fruits and sell them in the dark markets to earn money. If you are on social media, eCommerce platforms, or browsing banking websites, you need the proper safety of your data. In this regard, the trend of SSL is having a great response from individuals and organizations in the current age.

Due to awareness and the changing security environment, It seems easy to get SSL  for your website security. For non-professionals, the obvious question is to find a good deal of amount on SSL. In this article, we would like to focus on SSL providers that not only satisfy your online security needs but also offer SSL at a reasonable price. Before jumping to this topic, it is quite necessary to understand the concept of SSL.


What is an SSL Certificate?

To make a brief introduction to SSL, we can say that SSL is an abbreviated name of the Secure Socket Layer. It is a protocol designed to protect online information, that travels between the server and the user’s browser. Whether you are doing credit card transactions, signing forms with login details, transferring personal details, or doing any financial transactions, the data travels in plain text format that any third party can intercept, and especially, hackers can take advantage of it. To fix it, the role of SSL comes into play and saves ongoing data by encoding it. SSL offers strong 256-bit encryption to make the data intact over the web.


What’s the certification authority?

A certificate authority (CA) is the trusted body that takes care of the authenticity issues of the electronic documents and the certificates issued. This entity was needed for verifying a digital entity’s identity on the web. The electronic documents that are known as SSL certificates are a crucial part of securing communication and also play a unique role in the public key infrastructure (PKI).

Moving further, we will discuss the best Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Providers available in the market. Although there are many in this article, we will elaborate on a few that are cheap, reliable, and offer the best security to all your communications-sensitive transactions over the websites.


Which Certificate Do I Need?

As a thumb rule, different kinds of websites need different types of SSL certificates. Please have a look at the points listed below to have a better understanding:

  • Domain Validation certificate is for any WordPress website or a blog website or just a basic website that needs only basic security.
  • Extended Validation certificate is majorly for the eCommerce website or an enterprise or an organization that desires to flash them as the most trustworthy business on the client.
  • Unified Communications is basically for the email servers and Microsoft Exchange Server (2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016) and, of course, for the Lync server.
  • Wildcard SSL certificate, with this SSL certificate, you can secure unlimited sub-domains for your websites that are hosted under the root domain of the same site.

So who are the best top-rated SSL certificate, providers? This certainly depends on the needs and requirements of the website and what features you need in your SSL certificate. On the other hand, it is also important to check the trustworthiness of the certificate issued by CA and how popular and trusted these SSL certificate providers are. Let’s check out some of the best SSL certificate providers:


It was taken over by Symantec in 2010, since then VeriSign has been one of the leading names in online security and in providing the best services for SSL Certificates to businesses. Just to quote a fact, Small BusinessNewz ranked it among the top 5 SSL certificate providers in 2008 all across the Internet. It offers 256-bit rate encryption that keeps all your data safe and secure whenever you transmit the data between the server and the browser. The CA that offers an EV SSL certificate will give your website a green padlock in the address bar and a coveted green highlight, which is indicative of the secure sign.


Comodo tops the charts among the best SSL Providers to secure your online websites/businesses. It proffers immense security solutions to the business of all the cadres – that is, from big to small or just the budding businesses. Comodo SSL certificates offer 256-bit encryption that is trusted by all browsers and servers. It also guarantees technical guidance and support from the experts with a warranty worth $250,000. The good news is that you get an unlimited server license with Comodo. Extended Validation certificate is obtainable at an annual cost of $249.


DigiCert is the most trusted and used by most of the multinational companies in the online world. For example – AT&T, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia, NASA, Core Logic, etc. use Digicert. They offer up to 2048 bit and that too at a reasonable price.  You can also get a cheaper version or a package of your certificates if appropriately researched. The annual deal is always fruitful.


GeoTrust is a strong contender and is an outstanding alternative for VeriSign. The necessary encryption certificate for GeoTrust is available at a price range of $149, and it scales up to $745 for the EV SSL certificate as well. GeoTrust also gives excellent support and round-the-clock assistance that helps the customers in case of any issue. It also provides a warranty and a money-back guarantee for its buyers. GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate also comes with Extended Validation, which significantly uses encrypting multiple or single sub-domains. Here, the bit rate of encryption security goes as high as the 2048-bit rate making sure the total privacy and discretion for your website’s transactions are safe.


In case you are not opting for DigiCert, then it has to be Thawte. This is because it is an affordable SSL certificate solution that has all the facilities deducting the expensive costs. The 256-bit rate is good enough to offer encryption for the basic SSL certificate, and this will cost you anywhere from $149 to as high as $600. If you sign up for Thawte for a yearlong purchase or more than two years, then you can fetch a handsome discount.