Product Packaging: Its importance as a Marketing Tool for Businesses

Product Packaging

TechsPlace | Product packaging may seem like an unlikely tool for marketing. Believe it or not, it is an essential tool to help create brand awareness for your business. Excellent quality packaging also leads to a positive customer experience. The packaging of a product is the first thing that a customer interacts with. Hence, a good packaging design should improve the quality of the product and should also be easy to deal with.

Packaging can reflect a brand’s image and improve the reputation of a business. Brands that are conscious of the environment and take active steps to make their services eco-friendly tend to have a loyal customer base. It is so because consumers trust the brand and are likely to return to it. Moreover, if a business pays attention to detail in its packaging, it can go a long way in having customers that stick with you for the long run. According to a survey by Unilever, about 21% of consumers say that they would choose brands that made their sustainability credentials available to the public.

Not only does packaging shape a customer’s experience, but it also speaks of the quality of the product. Custom packaging represents premium quality. However, this is not to say that the quality of a product does not matter. It does, but so does the quality of the packaging.

The following facts from Ipsos prove this:

  • 72% of US consumers say that the decision to buy a product was due to the packaging of the product.
  • 67% of Americans agree that the material of the packaging affects a customer’s decision to purchase a product.
  • The younger demographic (18-34) are more likely to pay attention to the quality of the packaging and the materials used.

In addition to this, the unique and innovative packaging of a product is more likely to get the attention of customers, especially on social media platforms. More than one-third of consumers (35%) watch unboxing videos before purchasing a product, which should serve as motivation for businesses for packaging.

Inadvertently, packaging acts as a marketing tool for businesses. Instead of spending resources on marketing a product, brands can do well to improve the quality of their packaging.

How to improve product packaging?

There are many simple ways that a business can improve packaging.

Environment-friendly packaging

As the world becomes more conscious of the products that it consumes, it is only natural that people prefer product packaging that is environment-friendly as well. Contrary to popular belief, many eco-friendly options serve as an alternative to regular packaging material. Moreover, these are equally aesthetically pleasing and also improve the design of the packaging.

There are many inventive ways that people can use biodegradable and reusable materials for product packaging. For example, Esther Li designed eco-friendly bulb packaging for GE energy-efficient bulb, which goes on to show that businesses need to get creative in packaging products without negatively impacting the environment.

The following provides a brief overview of such packaging material:

  • Biodegradable packing peanuts: It acts as a loose filling packing material to protect items.
  • Corrugated bubble wrap: Instead of using plastic bubble wrap, corrugate bubble wrap serves as an alternative to protect items.
  • Recycled plastics: Although plastics are not biodegradable, one can use recycled plastic for packaging.
  • Cornstarch packaging: Cornstarch is an organic material, which can be used for packaging various items. It is a common material used as eco-friendly packaging.

Packaging design and material

Designing the packaging of a product is no less than an art-form.

It requires creativity as well as practicality. The design process is more than choosing the material, color, and texture of the packaging. When designing the packaging for a product, you need to think from a consumer’s perspective. Not only should the packaging be aesthetically pleasing, but it should be easy to open as well.

Before designing the packaging, you need to know what the product is and who the customers are. In addition to this, you should also be aware of where the product will be available for sale. In addition to these requirements, the packaging needs to be consistent with the brand’s title, font, and other essentials.

There are many options for packaging materials. However, most people believe that cardboard and paper packaging material reflects the premium quality. Moreover, brands can use these materials in innovative ways to package a product.

To make your product appear premium, you need to have custom packaging. When you have designed the packaging, contact vendors that provide customized packaging. Vendors, such as Mitchel-Lincoln Packaging, offer custom box solutions that cater to the individual needs of a business.


Product packaging is more than just what covers a product; it is representative of a brand’s quality and reputation. The packaging also serves as a marketing tool. Hence, businesses need to invest in it.