QuickBooks Error Code 6000: Easy and Simple Troubleshooting Methods

QuickBooks Error Code 6000

TechsPlace | Owning a platform like Quickbooks accounting software to maintain your accounting and bookkeeping activities is a great choice but you may face some difficulties too. Although this is the most advanced and versatile software to have for your business books, many of its users face glitches and errors while working on it. These glitches are known as QuickBooks errors.

In this post, we are going to discuss the QuickBooks error code 6000. Under this series of errors, there are several other errors that interrupt the workflow of QuickBooks and creates hurdles in-between them. So without taking any longer, let’s start it.


What is QuickBooks Error Code 6000 Series?

Quickbooks error series 6000 is often seen when the user tries to open a company file. The occurrence of this type of error causes damage to the company file data stored on Quickbooks. When the error occurs an error message starts displaying on the screen with the current error name and code.

This article also covers the causes and symptoms that the QB users encountered while the error occurs.

Factors That Support QB Error Code 6000 Series to Occurs

These are the following factors or causes that help the 6000 series error to

  • If the firewall is installed on your system, blocking the connection
  • When the .TLG file (transaction log) gets corrupted
  • The installation of QuickBooks gets interrupted and it corrupts the downloaded file
  • If the network connectivity is configured incorrectly on the system. configured
  • The error also arrives when multiple users try to log in to the same company file while working on a single-user mode
  • The occurrence of error has one more factor that is the backup restoration of the company file
  • If the company file is damaged or corrupted

Symptoms of Quickbooks Error Code 6000 Series

After knowing the factors it’s good to understand the signs that this error gives to the QB users to identify the errors.

  • The 6000 series error occurs with an error message
  • The error makes the system crash repeatedly
  • The windows start working slow and sluggish and freeze concurrently

Troubleshoot methods to Fix the QuickBooks Error 6000 Series

These are some of the solutions that assist the users to erase Quickbooks 6000 series errors from the system.

Solution 1: Restart the Database Server Manager

Quickbooks Database Server Manager holds up the company file and it is the best way to resolve any kind of QB error 6000 series from the system in no time.

  • Download Quickbooks database server manager on the system from the official site of Intuit
  • Now save the setup file and follow the onscreen instruction to install it
  • Now open the QBDS manager on the system by clicking on the Start button>> All programs>> Quickbooks Icon>> Quickbooks database server manager
  • Hit the scan folder option there
  • If no folder is present, then click on the Add folder option
  • R else highlights the data folder and then hits the check option
  • Make sure the company file is shown in the below box with the name of ‘Quickbooks Company File Located’
  • Now try to open the company file once again
  • And also try to log in to the company file

The QBDSM surely helps you out to resolve the QB 6000 series error. If not then you can explore other solutions to fix this error.

Solution 2: Run Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

The Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is an easy-to-use special tool to fix the 6000 & H series Errors such as 6000, 6000 304, 6000 77, 6000 80, 6000 83.

Solution 3: Restore the Backup

  • Make sure the system you are using is not hosting
  1. Open the company file
  2. Hit the File menu and select the utility tab
  3. Now select the “Stop hosting Multi-User Access” (if listed)
  4. Now it is the Yes option to stop hosting
  • Ensure the path of the company file is no longer than 210 characters
  • Now try to restore the backup of the company file.

Solution 4: Renaming the.ND and.TLG Data File

  • Go to the folder where the company file is saved
  • Look for the file with.TLG and.ND extension from the list of the files
  • Now choose the files one-by-one and right-click on them and select the Rename option
  • Now add.OLD at the end of the name of the file such as Companyfile.qbw.nd.old and Company File.qbw.tlg.old
  • At last, open the Quickbooks desktop and try to open the company file again

Solution 5: Open the Company File Locally

  • Go to the folder where the company file is saved
  • Now locate the . QBW folder there and right-click on it
  • Select the Copy option
  • Now create a new folder on the desktop and paste the copied .QBW file there
  • Now open the control while holding the CTRL key to access the ‘No Company Open’
  • Here you have to click on the “Open or restore an existing company” tab
  • Now go to the newly created folder on the desktop to open the .QBW file

Solution 6: Make Sure the Hosting is Activated on All the Workstation

  • Press the F2 key to open the Item window
  • Now go to the Local Web server tab to check if the hosting is activated or not



So here we are! This article covers all the possible solutions to resolve the QB 6000 series error. First, we tried to resolve this error with the Quickbooks database server manager and then explained some other solutions to assist the users.

In case you find any difficulties to resolve the 6000 series error then you are advised to contact Quickbooks customer care support. They will surely help you out and give you the right suggestion to erase the error on your own without further issues.