Recover Deleted Messages from the Thunderbird Email

Recover Deleted Messages

TechsPlace | Do you want to recover deleted messages from the thunderbird email? Have you accidentally deleted the messages from the thunderbird email? Looking for a way to restore back your messages? If yes, then you are at the right destination.

Deleting the messages is common, we all remove the messages from our inbox that are not valuable and useful, but sometimes while deleting the unnecessary emails, you accidentally delete the important message as well. In such cases, you have to retrieve the message from the trash folder. However, the main problem arises when you emptied the trash folder. In such cases, it becomes a bit difficult to retrieve the messages, but don’t worry we have described some of the most effective and popular methods that if you implement will surely recover deleted email thunderbird.

In this article, we have described some of the best ways to recover messages from thunderbird. So, if you have recently deleted an important message, don’t worry just follow the given methods and you will surely recover all your important messages.  Just implement the steps properly and you will surely recover deleted messages from thunderbird.

How to Recover Deleted Messages from Thunderbird Email?

You can recover the deleted Thunderbird emails in two ways either by restoring from trash or by Thunderbird backup.

1. Restore deleted thunderbird Emails from Trash folder

If in case you accidentally deleted the emails from inbox, you can follow the given steps-

  1. Run the Mozilla Thunderbird a login to your account.
  2. Browse the “Trash” option and find the deleted emails.
  3. Once you find the deleted emails, follow these steps right-click on email->move to->select account->define the location (Inbox, sent, archive, etc.).

2. Restoring thunderbird Emails from a Backup copy

A user can use this method if he has created a backup of a thunderbird.

  1. Run the thunderbird and login to your account
  2. Open this path “C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles”
  3. Now you have to replace the profile folder with the created backup copy of the thunderbird profile
  4. Again start the Thunderbird, you can see all the emails automatically gets transferred to your account

The above method is suitable when you have mailed in your trash folder, now what if the emails are permanently deleted or lost?

How to recover permanently deleted Thunderbird Emails?

To recover permanently deleted thunderbird emails. Follow this step.

1. Restoring permanently deleted emails

This method is very relaxing for those who have emptied their trash folder or have deleted their emails permanently. So, use this technique if you have accidentally deleted the emails permanently.

Use inbox repair option to restore the permanently deleted emails

  1. Run the Thunderbird, and log in to your account
  2. Right-click on the “inbox” folder and choose “Properties” option
  3. Now go to “General Information” and check the folder name, make sure the folder name should be “Inbox”
  4. Finally, select the “Repair Folder” option and click “Ok” to end the process

A repair process will start, and all your emails and messages will be restored back to your inbox folder.

Another Method

  1. Run the Thunderbird and login to your account
  2. Browse the “Help” option and from the dropdown menu click on “Troubleshooting” option
  3. Once you have reached to troubleshooting page browse the “Show folder button”
  4. Now a subfolder will open, select the desired profile from which you want to recover emails
  5. Select the “Edit with notepad++” option
  6. All the emails will be converted into text format, you can easily read all the emails. Go through the text and file and file and email message starting with “From” and replace the X-Mozilla-Status:0009 to 0000.

Limitations you have to face

The manual method can be very challenging if you have weak or don’t have technical knowledge. Sometimes manual methods appear ineffective if you have emptied the trash folder. With manual steps, you can only recover up to 2GB of data which is set up to a certain limit to some extent and once the limit gets crossed you cannot recover the corrupted or deleted emails. To avoid such problems users can go with the professional method.

A Professional method to recover deleted messages from Thunderbird.

You can use the professional method to recover permanently deleted thunderbird emails. With the MBOX to PST Converter, you can easily recover the messages in less than a minute. The tool is specially designed for this purpose and comes with many features along with the recovery of deleted messages.


In this article, we have discussed all the possible ways to recover deleted thunderbird emails and recover permanently deleted thunderbird emails.

Implement the above steps very carefully and you will surely recover all your deleted messages. Make sure you have implemented all the steps very precisely otherwise your data can be lost. So, if you don’t have very much technical knowledge and want to recover all your messages then it is recommended that you should go with the professional method.