Looking for Successful Traffic Generation? Look How HubSpot Marketing Software makes it Easy for You

Traffic Generation

TechsPlace | So, how you doing? If you come here to understand about HubSpot benefits, then you are in the right place.

Here you will learn about HubSpot, and how its features help you in generating traffic successfully. And shared information in this article will be helpful for you only if you are a HubSpot partner or looking forward to becoming a HubSpot partner.

In case, you haven’t heard about HubSpot then I prefer you to go through this article. You will understand “how Hubspot can manage and transform your marketing efforts effectively.”

So, let’s get started:

What is HubSpot?

It is a software platform based on a cloud which helps businesses to drive and control marketing efforts. Also, HubSpot manages the businesses sales processes and assists with the needs of their customers.

Overall, it is a single system that supports medium-size companies by providing data which helps them to make strategic decisions within their sales, marketing, and customer service processes. And all in all, it favors goals and objectives for the company’s growth.

Why you should choose HubSpot?

HubSpot is a platform which is known for being feature-rich. It helps in supporting your website by managing email outreach, content optimization, and helps to promote business via various social media channels. With the robust feature of HubSpot CRM, they offer various services and strategies that help in traffic generation, enhancing search rankings and better lead generation.

Many companies have associated with  HubSpot and provide best in town services where Webdew Pvt. Ltd. is one that excels in the integration of various tools with HubSpot features and delivers the desired business results.

Hubspot markets its solution as a complete software stack for sales, marketing, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Moreover, it becomes easier to nurture leads, to track visitors, and most importantly get in touch with them at the right time; during the sales funnel.

Also, you can track results that make the review and analyses of the results easier. If you are a marketer, you make sure that marketing dollars must be spent carefully. So, here HubSpot will enable you to identify challenges and trends on the horizon.

Make a Simple, Quick, and Reliable Start

While adopting or implementing new technology in your business, what comes in your mind?

                Energy? Stress? Time?

Almost every business understand that they require new technology, but thinking about doing so concerns them. As a result, it never happens. So, HubSpot took the initiative to change that and makes the implementation of new technology easy and efficient.

Realize Value Quickly & Easily

Time is money, and HubSpot understands that, so quick and easy implementation of the HubSpot tool will effectively utilize your time in marketing efforts. Not only your time utilization but also enhance your traffic and ROI.

However, the good thing about HubSpot Growth Stack that it is designed by keeping the end user in mind. So understanding your end user will help you to understand what they demand. And tools that come with Growth Stack (such as HubSpot CRM, Sales, and Marketing) will help you to achieve it.

HubSpot Marketing Software

Moreover, HubSpot tools are easy to get started. Once you start, you will start seeing results in no time.

Features of HubSpot

Let’s see features that make HubSpot a dream platform for many agency partners and clients all over the world. Also, helping them to generate traffic successfully. So, here are the features:

  • HubSpot CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

There are various CRM tools in the market but what makes HubSpot CRM different. You can understand that HubSpot took best from every CRM and stripped out the confusing and rarely used functions. That results in an understandable, easily navigating tool, and that tool is HubSpot CRM.

Moreover, HubSpot CRM merges some more features such as HubSpot Sales, email features that support your sales and helps you to boost sales.

HubSpot Marketing Blog

  • HubSpot Marketing Blog

HubSpot employees and agency partners both write blogs. These blogs are published daily with surprising insights, tricks, and tips to nail the inbound.

Also, HubSpot blog helps you to design a blog that holds the right content, even if it enables you to target the right person at the right time. At last, it helps you to create a Good User Experience.

Moreover, HubSpot Blogs also bring different features such as online draft mode, blog schedule and publish content management on one single platform. As a result, you save time.

  • A/B Testing

A/B testing is another excellent feature that HubSpot introduce which helps you to understand what is or isn’t working for your audience. You can use this feature to test your variation of email, landing pages, etc.

It built within the email portal, using this feature you can test various email elements. It helps you to analyze which email element results in more click rate.

  • WYSIWYG Content Editor

WYSIWYG content editor feature in HubSpot is one of the finest features; it enables writers, salespeople or marketers to create and manage blog posts. Also, you can manage the landing pages, and most important, it can be done without knowing designing/coding/development.

  • Social Monitoring

Replaces third-party programs like Hootsuite and others while also easily connecting with your campaigns/keywords.

  • Meetings

Using meetings tools can be a life-changing experience for if you are annoyed with “What time works for you?” emails.  You can link the calendar any time you want and block off that you are no longer available for the moment. After that, grab the handy link to let the individual confirm bookings with you.

  • BOTS

You can set the automated reverts for various queries that visitors may ask you through messaging using free bots.

  • Content Strategy Tool

This tool is very useful for aligning content goals and streamlined.  The tool is easy to use and supports interacting features that create a better sense of content.  Viewing how the pillar pages spread out into the subtopics and help in the process of planning. It also gives a bright idea for moving forward in the right direction and provides solid analytics.

  • Workflows

Lead nurturing is an essential module of inbound marketing and HubSpot workflows help to settle the things easily. With the help of workflow, Hubspot sends the pre-set of automated emails for particular criteria – essential to scale up the marketing effort, improve the relationship with a closing customer.

Benefits of HubSpot

There are various types of  CRM systems available which you might have heard of like ProsperWorks, Salesforce, Zoho, and Hubspot. Here we are discussing the various benefits of Hubspot CRM:

  • It’s actually Free

There are a variety of tools and software available free for the users, but that supports the limited functions unless you get paid version. Thus, it becomes quite a complicated process to analyze their effectiveness.

Though, the free platform of Hubspot CRM offers a variety of excellent features which makes it an effective tool to use.

  • Social Media Integration

Hubspot CRM offers social media integration such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. It allows extracting useful information from a social platform such as the latest posts and RTS(Real Time System).

For HubSpot, personalization is a valid key to outreach/sales email. Thus, you can get more details about an individual and allow you to get engaged with them more successfully.

Moreover, it enables easy integration of HubSpot Sales Chrome extension, that allows you to access your inbox information when you are sending email to contact.

  • Website Integration

The HubSpot free version holds a variety of features. With this, it also includes various premium add-ons. Among these add-ons, Website Integration is one of them.

This feature informs you that when the lead is coming to your website which is very beneficial in different scenarios. For example- In case, old lead “gets active” and surf your site, you can directly bounce to action when they are ready for the follow-up call.

Alternatively, if you are already having a conversation with leads, you can get the details about the pages they have visited and ascertain what issues of their business are and use that details to make a sale.

  • Track Communications

Keeping the record of information and documentation can be quite a complicated task to do for a salesperson. It is essential, but it makes their job of selling products and services quite difficult.

However, you can tackle these issues very easily with Hubspot CRM as it allows to send emails to customers directly from the platform, instant logging the correspondence within contact record of leads- you can also record the phone calls.

  • Integration with HubSpot’s marketing system

Hubspot also supported the marketing system which is once integrated works effectively with  CRM. It only indicates that your marketing efforts and sales can work simultaneously and effectively communicate with each other.

How is it helpful? You can lead a visit to the landing page you have made, and you can have all the records at a particular place. It eliminates the use of different systems and helps you to save your time.

  • Real-time updates

As you see above, HubSpot CRM supports various features. One of the features comes with real-time updates. The CRM real-time update sync in every 10 minutes; as a result, it enables the salespeople to get the most updated information right on their fingerprints. The feature enhances there confidence that helps them to deliver the most reliable and accurate information to leads.

All in all, investing in the HubSpot is the right selection you can make. Because by availing HubSpot you aren’t just buying another sale, marketing or CRM software. You are implementing software into your ecosystem that helps you to provide growth before, during and long after its implementation.