5 Tips All Beginner Vloggers Should Follow

Beginner Voggers

TechsPlace | As an amateur vlogger, you must have asked yourself how can I become a famous vlogger? How can my content go viral? Every famous vlogger out there had a reason to start and a method to get viral and maintain their vlogs. You may be vlogging for fame, for money through ad placements on YouTube, and you may aspire to become a brand ambassador someday. Whatever the reason, your goal is to be a successful vlogger and we have just the right tips for you.

‘Video blogging’ or vlogging is simply the act of recording and uploading your daily activities on the internet. However just doing that is not enough to manage a successful vlog.

Using the best cameras, lighting and other editing tools will not guarantee a successful vlog. Although those factors are important, It’s majorly about your approach and how your vlogs can beat your competition.

  1. Develop a Strategy for Vlogging

Laying out a strategy for your vlog is the most important step. You don’t want to find yourself fizzling out of ideas and energy in a week or month of vlogging. Consider your strengths, skills and your talents and how best you can use them to attract and keep people’s attention.

You want to make people fall in love with your vlogs and subscribe to your channel without hesitation. Try to be original and natural when recording. As viewers, we want to feel included in your life, and watching you be yourself with your ‘signature’ gestures in your vlogs will be satisfactory.

  1. Know Your Viewers

Your viewers can be age-specific or gender-specific. Nevertheless, it’s always best to be as inclusive as possible. Some adults don’t mind the use of NSFW words and imagery, but you should avoid using them.

  1. Record High-Quality Videos on your Smartphones

As a beginner, you shouldn’t worry about getting professional-grade cameras. Nowadays the latest iPhone cameras are good enough to get the job done. The iPhones 8 and X have some camera features like 4K 60fps video recordings that are only available on a few professional cameras.

However, videos recorded with iPhones are in MOV formats, which is not ideal for most vlogging platforms like YouTube and Instagram. You can learn how to effortlessly convert them to more versatile formats like AVI and MP4 here using a free video converter.

Lighting is also important when recording indoors. Recording under natural light during daytime, preferably 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. will give you the best results.

A tripod to mount your phone for outdoor recording especially on rough terrain, is also essential.

  1. Stay Ahead of Trends

Top vloggers on every platform are always able to stay ahead or get in early on what’s trending. To do this you have to be deeply immersed in your sphere of interests. You can use SEO tools like Google Search Console to see what usually trends at every time of the year. Optimize your vlog titles and video thumbprints to be catchy and interesting but avoid click baiting. This will help your vlogs attract more attention.

  1. Having the Right Attitude In Your Vlogs

Creating a connection with your audience is important in converting viewers to followers. By maintaining a friendly tone and being positive you will naturally connect to your viewers’ hearts. Don’t be afraid to make jokes, everyone could use a little humor every now and then. Always remember to be natural and don’t force yourself to do anything you are uncomfortable with just because it trends. A positive mental health will help you have a long successful career as a vlogger.

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