6 Top Tips to Consider Before Producing Your Vacation Video

Vacation Video

TechsPlace | Amidst the business of life, it has become challenging to go on a vacation and spend some quality time with family. When you get that once in a blue moon, you will surely love to capture those moments and produce a lovely vacation video so that you can cherish those marvelous moments and live them again along with your family. Be it a romantic trip, or a vacation with your family, producing a vacation video is undoubtedly a great idea. Well, it is not only about to shoot the video on your vacation but to make that video worthy of watching and enjoying, you also need to edit it flawlessly. If you would love to save your memories through videos, but do not have sufficient time or knowledge on video editing, you better hire a vacation video editing service.

Top Tips to Consider Before Producing Your Vacation Video

Now, the truth about a video is, it gets tedious for the viewers to watch and enjoy the video if it is so long. Sometimes the vacation video feels like lengthier than the trip itself! If you are looking for some pro tips that you can consider before you produce your vacation video, you can surely utilize the following.

Shoot Videos on Landscape

The first and foremost part of producing a vacation video is to shoot it in the perfect frame. Do not shoot the video vertically. It is a BIG NO! It is most suitable to use a professional camera when you shoot for a vacation video, but not everyone can afford it. Shooting videos with a Smartphone supporting a quality video camera is also a great option. But always remember to shoot vacation videos on the landscape. When you shoot videos vertically with your Smartphone or iPhone, it may look great on your phone, but the time you start to edit them or share on social media, there appears a small black frame by the sides. It is because taking videos vertically is not an editable format. It will ruin all your efforts, and you will have nothing but regret.

Shoot Small Clips

To make your vacation video filled with enjoyment, focus on shooting small video clips rather than shooting a whole event for a long time. For example, if you are experiencing mountain biking, you do not have to take 5 minutes of yourself covering the whole. Just shoot the best parts. It will help you to get your shot and you can edit the video in a classy way.

Edit for Compactness

It is truly a hard job to put all the zest of the vacation in a single video when you have to keep the video short. The point is, you do not need to show everything of the trip in the video, preferably try to focus on the key features that highlight the experience. It means you have to try to tell the compact story of your trip through your video.

Select Shots with Meaning

Once you shoot all the necessary clips for your vacation video, there comes the time to select which one you would use in the final video. It is a tough job indeed. Here, you have to pick the clips that have the most visual impact and will let you tell your story to the viewers in the most enchanting and effective way. For selecting the best clips, you have to go through and review all the clips you have shot throughout your trip, as the footage that seems to be the most amazing one while shooting is not always the best one as you expect.

Shoot the Whole Scene and Create a Linear Story

Well, vacations are for enjoyment. Try to spread the happiness you have experienced during your vacation to the viewers through your video. For this, do not only focus on the main activities you have done. Also, take shots of yourself getting ready, having food, traveling on a transport, and the small yet effective things. They can be in short clips but play a very significant role in making your vacation video enjoyable and telling your story.

One very essential thing you should focus on is to create a linear story in your video. You do not have to use all the clips in the shooting order, but the clips should keep your story proceeding accurately. You may have visited numerous places throughout your vacation, and when you edit the video for a linear story, it becomes easy to cherish the memories.

Use Music

Adding music in your vacation video is entirely your choice, but music actually gives life to a video. Music plays a significant role in setting the tone of your video. It makes the viewers more eager to watch and experience the moments through your video. So, before producing your vacation video, invest some time in selecting the perfect music or pieces of music matching your video, and then start the rest of the editing work. Choosing the music first will also assist you in keeping the video short.

Producing a vacation video is not an easy task. But if you consider and follow the above 6 top tips before producing your vacation video, it can turn out to an outstanding one enchanting everyone around.