Top 4 Reasons to Downgrade Your Mac

Downgrade Your Mac

TechsPlace | 2020 has had its share of surprises and let downs, leaving the entire world looking for some positive news amid the mess. At least one thing we can look forward to (at least Mac users) is the Big Sur operating system taking the floor. While some are excited and can’t wait to get their hands on this new supposed ‘next big thing,’ others are sitting back and scratching their heads, wondering if it was worth it. If you’re in the second group, you’re not the only one, possibly noticing some minor differences that made you want your trusty Catalina OS back. If you’ve recently updated and are wondering if you should reconsider Downgrade Your Mac, here are four reasons why you should hit that downgrade your Mac button and give the new system some time.

Keep the Design You Love

The big deal that everyone couldn’t wait to see came from rumors of the new operating system’s design. Said to be the newest and most beautiful display on the planet, Apple created a lot of hype that, honestly, wasn’t exactly what we were all hoping for. Not to throw shade at Apple, we are huge fans, but the infrastructure for some devices and apps is just not there yet, needing some time to catch up.

Let the Kinks Get Worked out First

Like with any new upgrade, there are always a few kinks that need to be worked out first. Big Sur OS is no stranger to updates, needing a few tweaks to get everything worked out and running smoothly. If you’ve upgraded and noticed a few key differences like the speed and the time it takes to get things rolling, here is a simple instruction on how to roll back your Mac and see the difference in little to no time. There is nothing wrong with sitting back and waiting while things get worked out first, upgrading to Big Sur once the OS gets polished and works better.

Keep Using Your Apps

The new Big Sur OS is a little bit ahead of its time, not working with some of Apple’s classic apps. If this happened to you, you were more than likely super disappointed with the upgrade, anxious to find a solution to get back to where you had been. Keeping all of the apps that you know and love is essential to most users, as we all use them in our daily lives. The new OS might not work with a few apps, making it simpler to switch back to the old OS instead of sacrificing the user experience.

Let It Sink In

With software and technology, one of the best things you can have is patience. We mean it gives it some time to develop and smooth out, then incorporating it into your device. Apple has been working around the clock to get everything updated so that they are compatible, including the apps we use daily. There is no operating system that comes hot off the press perfect, needing time to catch up. This is why you should let it all marinate, waiting to upgrade and updating your system only after Big Sur is good and ready to go.

Downgrade Your Mac

We all like to have the newest and most up to date versions of the technology. However, sometimes these new versions are too advanced for the apps and programs we are used to. For this reason, it may be wiser to take a step back, waiting for all of the kinks to be worked out first. If you’ve got the new Big Sur operating system for macOS and want to take a step back, do it to enjoy the system you knew and loved. Big Sur is still in the making, and it’s sure to give the expected functionality soon.