Top 5 Logo Variations That Any Brand Must Have

Logo Variations

TechsPlace | Well, if you have your own company, then you can understand the importance of the logo. It can be considered as the unique brand identity that differentiates them from plenty of others. It would help if you used different logo variations.

Your logo is an important part of any company. It must be well-designed, which suits the personality of the brand and helps to get user attention. Even the visual impression is always impactful, and that’s the reason why companies are investing a lot of money in logo design.

The clever use of design elements like color, font, icons, and various others to make the business logo design appealing. Designers need to make sure they make balanced use of all of these for their logo design. It must be clearly visible in any place it is put. For that company needs a different variation of the logo.

What is logo variation?

Logo variation is nothing but an alternate version of the logo. As it’s just an alternate, you can’t find much difference between them. The difference can be in the shape, size, use, and a few more.

1. Primary logo

As the name suggests, it’s a primary style of the logo that every brand would have. This version of professional logo design is often used.

It contains the brand name along with icons that means it’s a complex version among all others. If you want to add a tagline with a business logo design, this could be the best option. Even this is the go-to design for brands, no matter what the situation is, it always gives the best look and suits it.

Generally, the primary logo is horizontal or vertical and balanced with elements. That’s why it’s a perfect solution for large displays like posters, websites, brochures, etc. Therefore, this is how this variation is important for companies.

2. Icons

Another essential form of logo design that every brand needs to have. As per the name, it is just an icon, not the whole logo. It can be applied whenever the logo can’t fit.

The applications of it include social media, small places like stationery items, and a lot more. The icon you choose must be relevant to the brand attractive as well. It must hold the professionalism of the company. Even if it’s not just a symbol that you choose randomly, it must be creative to be used as an identity. So, make sure the icon you select is unique and appealing to be used as a logo anywhere required.

3. Stacked logo

One more widely used version of the professional logo design. In this version, the orientation would look like squares or grid-like. It is a compact and tighter version of the logo.

This version is specifically suitable for the business card, mobile header, and a few more small sizes of screens. Thus, do consider why you need this version and where it can be applied.

4. Color variations

Undeniably, colors are an integral part of any design. It has the power to take your design to the next level. The wise use of color in the design is important to make your design appealing.

Moreover, while using various colors, make sure the designer knows the psychology of the colors. Every color has some meaning associated with it and if it’s used properly makes your business logo design meaningful. Colors are always important, no matter what type of logo you are using. You can take examples of popular logos with better color logo variations: FedEx, Coca-Cola, LinkedIn, and many more.

The various color logo variations can be used on different occasions according to the demand. Therefore, having multiple color versions of your logo is necessary to have.

5. Submarks

Submarks is considered to be the simplified version of your professional logo design. It just includes the initials of the brand name and icon of it. This is just the scaled-back version of the primary logo.

The primary difference here is that submarkets always will be in a circular or square shape. This version is specifically dedicated to social media images, profile pictures, website footer, watermarks, stamps, and many more places. Thus, this can be the best option to use initials and some icons as part of your business logo design.

Wrapping up

If you look around yourself, you will find a lot of different types of logos. Each is designed with perfect ideas and trends. However, companies can have different applications of the logo, and that needs to be satisfied properly. And for that, logo variations are required. The above-mentioned are the most popular and important logo variations that every brand must-have.