Looking Into Logo Design Basics – What Every Logo Needs To Have

Logo Design

TechsPlace | The task of designing a logo can be agitating at times. You might have the design concept in mind but you are stuck in a muddle of commencing to draw and create one. Hours pass by and you still have not found the inspiration, motivation, and ideas to design the logo. If nothing works out then the solution to this dilemma is to simply – research.

If you look at a design company, you would notice that they tend to work in teams. From designers to creative experts, everyone works together. As a result of frequent brainstorming, they come up with new and unique ideas for the logos. However, if you have no such means then we have compiles some essential points that make the task of logo designing easier.

Thoroughly know about the brand

A logo is more than a pretty and appealing visual that is only meant for your portfolio. You should pay to heed more to the client instead of yourself. A great logo design is costly and the brand has put all its expectations into gaining a quality logo in return. The logo for a brand is made to shape the business offerings and its identity. In order to make the design succeed, you would have to thoroughly know that the brand is all about. Some clients cannot explain their requirements well nor do they clearly know what they are looking for in a logo so make sure to ask all the right questions at the right time.

Select a design that fits

Not every logo design is the same. Some logo designs focus more on the typography while some have a value that is more symbolic. You should know the type of design your client wants before commencing with the design process. Every logo designer or design company should have a firm goal and focus. Do not consume your time in analysis instead once you know your client’s brand comprehensively begin with the design process.

Enhance the visual readability

Most great logos do not have this issue but some do. Logo designs with typography should use font styles that are easier to read. You might choose a fancy font style but there is no point to it if it has zero readability. If you there is an existing logo and you want to update its design then you could always choose to tweak the typographic elements. It could be a small change but it should bring a strong visual impact on the design just as Google did with its logo in 2014.

Following trends is not key

Logo design trends keep on changing. Some trends have stuck for years while some frequently change. However, using the latest and popular trends to design a logo is done almost everywhere. If you are aiming for something that is unique and innovational then relying on logos alone is never the solution. The success and greatness of a logo lie in its potential to be exclusive and trends seldom yield uniqueness into logo designs. Your aim for your logo is not short-term based instead you have to use it in the long run.

Smart use of typography

The use of typographic and similar design elements is mainly for readability purposes. However, if you want to make the design more exclusive then you can use it there as well. The goal of making a goal needs to be confined to being distinctive. Not many brands have added typographic elements into their logos so you can take full advantage of it. Custom made font styles of various sizes, types, colors exist too, and you can add these to your logo if you intend to.

Use the relevant tools

While you have several tools and software programs available, you still cannot choose any of these tools and use them for the logo. It is also possible to use Photoshop for logo designing but since it does not support a vector-format environment, professional artists never recommend it. If you resize files and images in Photoshop then it will ruin the quality of the pixels and resolution. Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based software program that is always a favorite choice for designing logos. You can apply and add any filter, effect or import images and there still will not be any adverse effect on the logo quality.

Stay true to brand roots

If you were redesigning a logo then surely the clients and customers of the brand would remember them by the old logo design. Most existing brands stay true their roots and do not deviate from the visual identity that has made them widely recognized. However, there is always room for further improvement and updates. Analyze the history of the brand and the role the logo design had on that brand. Once you have the information, only then devise a plan for revamping the design.