Ecommerce SEO Tips To Boost Online Store Sale

Ecommerce SEO

TechsPlace | If you are getting your store on top in search engine then it is obvious that you are getting potential customers to your sites. However, there are multiple ways to promote your online store using free or paid tools, that can assist you to get more traffic and sales to your business. Designing a website is not enough to run your business, there are multiple activities that need to be performed to reach out to your potential customers. Being a business owner, you look for new techniques to drive traffic and increase the sales.  To make up for the competition, it is necessary to optimize the site properly to boost online sales as compared to the competitor. In this article, we have gathered a handpick eCommerce SEO tips that can help you to empower your online presence globally.

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1) Write A Descriptive Page Title:-

The title itself will tell you its importance in SEO and it is necessary to use the unique title for each page and posts including the keywords.

For e.g., you can write an article on sharing your experience with your host provider that you have tried. While writing you have to include the main keyword “Review of your hosting provider name” within your post title or experience of your hosting provider name, etc.

By doing this, if anyone searches for the review of your host provider in a search engine, your post has a chance of showing up on top due to highlighted keywords.

2) Write Original Product Description:-

If you are targeting multiple numbers of products on your site, then it becomes tough to write a detailed description of each product. To avoid such situations, you should focus on writing the short and simple description using the fresh content. This will help the Google to crawl your site easily because of fresh and unique content. Additionally, users will also find it easy to browse your site.

3) Promote Your Products On Your Homepage:-

Products are the main highlight of your eCommerce store and it is equally important to promote your products to increase the sales. If you have multiple products or introducing new products in your stock then it is crucial to promote that product on your homepage. This will help the users to identify the product easily and make them think to buy. However, placing and changing the products on a frequent basis will help the users to know about the product and buy as per their requirement.

4) Get Reliable Hosting Provider:-

Hosting part is often overlooked by the website owners, especially by small business site owners. To get your website on top, it is essential to focus on SEO part, on the other hand, getting a best business hosting or cheap dedicated server hosting for your website will best option to begin the journey. Additionally, getting an SSL certificate for your website is important to create a trust among the customers. When SSL certificate is installed on a web server, padlock and “HTTPS” protocol is activated. This helps the users to perform their transactions safely. Nowadays, the site who has installed SSL certificate is given top priority by the Google and one of the essential factor to get ranked in search engine.

5) Invest In High Quality Of Photography:-

If you are focusing on the eCommerce site, then it is essential to use the high-quality product images. Using high-quality product images can be a make or break for your website. However, most of the business owners overlook this element because of loading speed. But investing in high-quality product images will be an icing on the cake for the users and search engine.

6) Offer Multiple Payment Options:-

Being an eCommerce site owner, it’s your responsibility to focus on all types of payment modes. User from any location can access your website or may get landed on your site to buy the products. In that case, it is necessary to offer multiple payment options instead of offering one payment option. By doing this you can get more potential customers from different locations and it will increase the awareness among users. However, offering only PayPal checkout is no longer effective. On the other hand, offering a debit or credit card payment option will be beneficial to get transactions done successfully. Every country offers particular checkout and payment preferences; if you are targeting internationally then check every possible way to make easy payment.

7) Offer Best Delivery Options:-

Being an eCommerce site owner, offering multiple delivery options is the first priority. Offering a ground level shipping or one option of delivery may take away your potential customers. Nowadays, the customer looks for fast delivery within 4-5 days. Opt for the best delivery option that makes customer convenience to place the order.


There are multiple factors that need to undertake to boost your online sale and you can use above mentioned points to boost your online sales. However, following these steps will increase the conversion rates of an eCommerce website. If a user finds easy to browse your website then they will remember to buy next time and recommend others too.