Hone Your SEO Expertise with These Top SEO Strategies

Top SEO Strategies

TechsPlace | Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely important if you want to increase your site’s traffic and create brand awareness. Today, thousands of people are searching for content similar to yours and the only way to stand out from the crowd is to become an SEO expert with these Top SEO Strategies.

93% of internet experiences begin with a search engine, which is why SEO is extremely crucial. When users search on Google, they are 67.60% more likely to click on the first five organic results as compared to others. This means that if your website doesn’t score a rank on the first page of Google’s search, you are most likely to have little or no visibility. Being on page one means you will attract higher traffic, higher conversions, and ultimately more revenue.

The only reason why your competitor website may be getting more clicks and greater traffic is that they are breaking a sweat to improve their SEO. An SEO strategy entails a series of actions like planning, defining, and executing steps specifically devised to make SEO rankings better. In simple words, an SEO approach is a process you follow to increase organic traffic.

The question, however, is how you can plan an effective SEO strategy? If you are looking for an answer, then you have come to the right place. Here are some steps you can implement right away to increase your visibility search traffic:

Pump up the page loading speed

Did you know that 40% of the visitors tend to leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load and 80% of them abandon it forever? If your website takes too much time to load, it negatively affects your SEO rankings and eventually decreases traffic on your site.

Fast loading websites enhance user experience and reduce bounce rate. Google’s algorithm takes this into consideration and consequently improves your search rank.

Tip: if your website is loading slowly, then it’s recommended you check your website’s plugins and theme.

Use Keywords

Keywords play a very important role in SEO. Identifying and using the right keywords that people use and including them cleverly in your content increases your chances of showing up on the SERPs.

Long-tail keyword searches have a 3% to 5% higher click-through rate than generic searches. Hence, try to fit in Long-tail keywords in your content. However, make sure that they don’t look forced or crammed.

You can carry out keyword research through an SEO tool such as Ahrefs or Ubersuggest to find out what topics interest people, how popular certain niche is and what queries is your audience using.

Choose a Catchy Title

36% of SEO experts think the headline or title tag is the most important SEO element. Choosing a click-worthy title for your online content that is no longer than 65 characters is extremely important.

Here are some ways you can conjure up great headlines:

  • Use those 65 characters in your title wisely to let readers know what your site is about at one glance.
  • Front-load your headline with appropriate keywords.
  • Your headline or title should click-through to a web page that fulfills the expectations of the visitor.

Refresh and Update Old Content

Writing and posting new content sounds like a great idea, but it can be tedious and time-consuming. Since every site has best-performing content as well as poor ones, revamping old content by making some additions or improvements can increase organic traffic in less time.

Adding customer reviews, replacing old headlines with catchy ones, optimizing keywords, updating old images and citations and re-launching posts every six months can revitalize your site’s old content and efficiently improve SEO. You can also translate your content into different languages and cater to various regions to boost your site’s ranking.

Technical Audit

Nobody likes errors! Visitors don’t appreciate websites that are neglected and poorly maintained.

As a customer, would you like to visit a shop that is messy and disorganized? Obviously not. Similarly, when users visit a website, they expect it to run smoothly to have a satisfying user experience (UX).

Various factors can lead to poor user experience such as broken links and images, broken redirects, missing Meta tags, server errors, crawling issues, indexing issues, dead-end pages, and schema markup errors.

A website can face numerous issues on a daily basis that may affect its ranking and number of visits and detecting an issue as soon as it pops-up can be difficult. Having said that, it would be better to use specially designed SEO tools for scanning, detecting and resolving issues as soon as they occur.

Make sure you are using high-speed internet to avoid any delays in website maintenance and cleanups. In case you are looking for one, try spectrum internet Dallas for top internet providers across the country.


E-A-T is a famous acronym in the SEO world that stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Nowadays, search engines have become skeptical about ranking. Any content that lacks authenticity or factual information is most likely to have a low ranking as it tends to misguide searchers. For instance, people seeking medical advice online can end up harming themselves if a high ranked website is a sham. That is why Google cracks down on many SEO sites and only ranks them based on their expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

It may be easy to manipulate SEO, but one can’t simply fake E-A-T. A few ways to achieve E-A-T and boost rankings include:

  • Guest posting on popular sites to increase brand awareness
  • Speaking at public events to prove your reliability
  • Apply for awards to build a positive image and get more recognition
  • Try including an author-bio box to every content you post

Instigate Interactivity

When visitors leave comments on your posts, it means that they are reading your content thoroughly and are motivated to engage. Google gives the “community” factors a lot of consideration when raising rankings.

Compelling visitors to leave comments on your content or posts is a great way to upgrade your SEO strategy as it encourages them to stay on your web-page for longer. This action also justifies that your content is fulfilling their expectations and demands.

Try to include a strong call-to-action in your content or posts like quizzes, polls and ask open-ended questions and feedback to encourage responses and interactions. This will ultimately lead to higher rankings and traffic on your site.


Whether you have been doing SEO for a week or a year, there will always be something more to do. Search engines such as Google are rapidly changing due to constant advancements in technology and that is why you need to keep working hard to get bigger and better each day. This post focuses on simple yet effective tactics to improve your SEO, but there are many other technical options that you can opt for to achieve better SEO and more traffic.