Optimize Your Blog Posts With 5 SEO Ways

Optimize Your Blog Posts

TechsPlace | Are you among those people who dream of starting a blog, but you keep giving yourself unnecessary excuses that will never get you in action? It is super exciting to get your first blog up! It feels good to overcome procrastination. Well, you must have heard of SEO, or search engine optimization before. It is a crucial step that you need to take as you plan to optimize your first blog post to help enhance visibility. So, how do you achieve this? Stick with us to learn more about how to Optimize Your Blog Posts.

  1. Article Relevance

Your blog post must be relevant for ranking. Remember, Google has millions of contents that are competing to be on the top listing. Harness your prowess to get up there. Write a topic that you believe is among the top 10, so you anticipate a good ranking. After finding a topic to write about, make sure to exert time and effort to thoroughly research it. Google only ranks blogs with informative and accurate content. When it comes to SEO, don’t forget that quality always outweighs quantity.

However, give your best and maintain relevance to your content. If you are writing a guest post, use their niche to meet their needs. Give users a reason to click your article by using attractive titles that are SEO friendly and catchy.

Moreover, when writing blogs for SEO, always put your audience’s needs first. All of the blogs you post online should improve the quality of their lives, one way or another. For example, if you want to want to write about digital marketing, you can inform your audience on how they can maximize this advertising technique in looking for new products and services. This way, you won’t only get your message across about digital marketing, but you’ll also help your audience better understand the concept and use it in their daily lives.

  1. Use Meta description

When you apply a meta description in your blog, it gives your readers the information about your blog post. It is crucial to use the long-tail keyword, which enables your audience and Google to find your post content easily. We recommend you to use HTML meta whenever you write a blog, and on your pages. The essence of it is to give a brief description of your content for crawlers and search engines.

The meta description now has an extension of up to 300 characters. It should be enough to give your readers appropriate information about your blog. If you go beyond the stipulated aspects, your description gets truncated. For you, not lose quality content, ensure to use the focus keyword at the beginning of your article. There is also an affordable SEO service team to help you with that.

  1. Use images, and videos on your blog

Pictures and graphics indeed speak a lot more than words. The same applies to videos that attract visitors to your site more than written content. They also tend to engage your customers more. Search engines rank an engaging site higher. The secret is to add these two in between your content.

Using different types of multimedia, such as images and videos, can also break the monotony of presenting huge chunks of texts on your blog. For example, if you’re explaining digital marketing to your audience, you can use infographics to better explain the concept to them.

However, with the number of businesses that are using blogs today, it’s common for two businesses to use the same images and videos on their blogs. Some might even steal images and videos from one blog, and then claim these as theirs. To avoid the risk of using other people’s images, you can use the Canva website that helps create enticing graphics.

Therefore, it is significant to optimize the images. Uploading a video to YouTube is an excellent way to attract traffic, which we do recommend. That’s because it is the second largest search engine and platform in the world. If you find all these overwhelming, hire affordable SEO services to ease your mind.

  1. Research Keywords
    Research Keywords

Before writing a new blog, it is crucial to have an enticing topic that people are interested in and willing to read. Find out which are the key phrases that are in demand. Type your phrase in Google Keyword Planner, and it will show you the search volume. Word of caution, though, the numbers you get are a close approximate and not accurate.

Note that people search for informational queries, so it’s good to optimize and include such info in your blog. You don’t have to be too sellsy all the time. The essence is to create brand awareness, as we gather SEO benefits. Once you’ve done that, ask yourself if it stands a chance to rank high? These are the main criteria that you should meet first.

  1. Keep your blog posts fresh

According to recent research, 60% of businesses have a blog. However, 65% who own them, fail to update them at least yearly. It is crucial to optimize your blog, so you don’t lose your customer’s trust. Setting up a blog online will be useless if your content is stale. Aside from creating a bad impression, an outdated blog will shoo away potential customers. Why will customers do business with you if they can’t get any information about you on your blog? Do you think customers will choose you among other brands if you don’t have any accurate content online?

Keep your website alive with fresh and updated content. If you think that it’s too late since you have already published your blog, here’s what you need to do.

Using social media platforms, you can promote your blog. Get your past articles as long as they are still relevant, and link them to your new posts. Lastly, learn how you can track search rankings of your site. There is a manual way to check your rank by merely typing your keywords in Google. However, a more effective way for you to find how your website is ranking is by using a quality SEO tools such as SEMRush. It’s an SEO suite containing the most useful tools necessary for keyword research.

What is the benefit of blogging?

benefit of blogging

  • Blogging enhances SEO quality, as it positions your site to give answers asked by your customers. So, we can clearly say that blog plays a big part in your SEO.
  • A blog keeps visitors longer on your website, which is right for you. It signals Google that you have a useful site that uplifts your SERP.
  • A blog helps your site to rank high, as long as you are super active, and have quality killer content.
  • Getting internal links to become as easy as you use a blog. You can use some of the useful links on the main page of your website, as you start publishing the blog posts. Be consistent so you can strengthen the link connection.

There are many ways on how you can optimize your blog posts for SEO. Depending on your preferences, you can learn all of these on your own, ask help from professionals, like Pixelstorm, or both.


We have seen the benefits of using blogs on your website. It is only prudent to optimize the blog post so that you can reap the fruits of SEO. In short, a blog has become a powerful tool. If necessary, use affordable SEO service guys for your site optimization so you can earn high ranks.