Taking Your SEO Campaign to the Next Level Using Advanced Search Operators

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TechsPlace | We all know SEO has advanced a lot over the past few years. Unless you can think out of the box as an SEO, you may find it hard to get the kind of results you’re after.

A good way to have a unique edge over your competitors and take your SEO campaigns to the next level is using Google’s advanced search operators to find white hat link building opportunities.

Let’s find out more below.

Replicating Backlinks

Yes, you can replicate your competitor’s backlinks, as it can be a fairly effective approach to your SEO. This is because you would be implementing what’s already working and have got the desired results for someone else.

To find your competitor’s backlinks, you can use this search operator:

Site:YourCompetitorSite.com –Site:YourCompetitorSite.com

You can then try to build as many of the backlinks as you can, with the obvious exception being spammy backlinks that might backfire in the long run.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are considered one of the safest type of backlinks to build. If they are niche relevant and made on sites with a decent amount of traffic, they can work wonders for the SEO of your site.

But posting on niche relevant sites is very important here. For example, if your site is in the SEO niche, you would want to guest post on relevant sites like SEO Optimizers.

Here’s how to go about finding guest post opportunities in your niche:

Keyword “write for us”

Keyword “become a contributor”

Keyword “guest post”

Keyword “guest article”

Keyword “guest column”

Of course, the list is very long as you can see in the infographic. Another way of using these search operators, however, is to put your competitor’s name instead of the keyword, which may allow you to find the sites your competitor has got guest post links from.

Resource Pages

Resource pages are a list of useful resources in a particular niche. They are usually very well-established, and can work great for your site’s SEO.

However, the two major requirements to use this SEO strategy is to have truly useful content on your site and the ability to reach out to webmasters at scale.

If you can take care of that, these search operators will be your friend:

Keyword “top 10 resources”/”top resources”

Keyword “top 10 sites”/”top sites”

Keyword “top 10 articles”/”top articles”

Keyword “top 10 tools”/”top tools”

And many more that you can see in the infographic here.

Finally, if you find this too technical, you may want to consider attending an SEO class that teaches this strategy in detail.

Directory Sites

Directory sites don’t need an explanation, as pretty much everyone reading this knows what they are. However, you must also know that they are often spammed as they are very easy to get.

Hence, don’t get too many of these links, and try to limit them to your niche only.

Here’s how you find these sites:

Keyword “add a site”/”submit a site”/”suggest site”/”post site”/”recommend site”

Then replace the “site” in the above search operator with other terms like video, URL, article, podcast and more. You can obviously also use the many other search operators mentioned in the infographic as well.

Donation Links

This strategy involves making a donation to non-profit organizations to get a link from their “donors” page.

Search operators for finding donation link opportunities:

For US:

Keyword site:.org

For UK:

Keyword site:org.uk

For India:

Keyword site:org.in

And so on.

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