4 Tools to Boost Your Social Media Traffic by the Help of Animated Videos

Social Media Traffic

TechsPlace | Social media has been one of the major platforms after the birth of technological advancements. But that also indicates the saturation the platform has to experience, resulting in a tough competition for content creators and businesses, all those wishing to stand out from the crowd and light their significance. However, that has ignited some action within the marketing department, everyone is seeking for new methodologies to improve their work and gain greater traffic. And that has eventually lead to people thinking out of the box and experimenting with new things.

In addition to that, one of the most unique and powerful methods to increase social media traffic along with viewer retention is to accessorize the platform with strong imagery. Therefore, we have to gather 5 tools that are adept to generate exceptional animated video content that stands out. Not only they being used by several animation services but they have been a part of major projects. These tools produce high quality animated videos that have the potential to boost businesses and content quality.

4 Tools to create animated videos for social media

  1. Canva

Canva is one of the significant applications that has been designed to provide exceptional solutions. May it be flyers, social media posts along with aesthetic business cards. The application has played a major role in a designer’s professions. The application recently launched its newer version where users are allowed to explore different styles of animation for their own use. However, a few of those options are not free of cost and require the user to make a purchase instead. Moreover, the application offers a variety of opportunities to designers seeking for unique strategies to implement in their animated videos.

The best part about this application and tool is that it has a lot to offer without having to invest anything in it. Anyone can use the application, even without having any previous experience of creating animated videos. It is no doubt that Canva is one of the most user-friendly applications to craft animated videos, you can even choose to create GIFs and movies with it.

  1. Spark video

Spark Video is known to be one of the top tier applications to provide applicable resolutions that have been personalized to offer quality animated videos. The application and tool have been created by one of the leading software company’s and that improves SparkVideo’s credibility, making it easier for users to create video content as per their requirements. The platform has a massive range of options to choose from, one can simply opt to accessorize their video content with detailed graphics along with clips, texts, and icons; making it a tool that allows designers to explore freely in order to create the perfect animated video for their social media.

In addition to that, there are features within the application which enables users to add voiceovers and music into their animated video content. This makes the platform more versatile since all tasks can be covered under one roof, making purposeful animated videos meant to target viewers on social media. It is safe to assume that Spark Video is a premium application that caters to effective visual content creation.

  1. Crello

Crello is a lot similar to Canva, they both work for the same purpose. Although the only difference there is between the two is that Crello has exceptional features that enable users to customize their animated videos completely. Canva makes use of specified templates that have to be used more than once and remain the same.

Crello has been made in a manner that users have free access to all functionalities and they do not require to invest too much into the development of their animated video. All they need to do is to download the content once it has been made and publish it on their social media.

  1. Quik

Quick is an immense tool to create animated video content. Not only does it work on all mobile phone operating systems but it is easy to use and implement for the creation of animated videos. The best feature regarding this application is that it generates lengthy videos no matter what the time duration might be, unlike other animated video creation applications, this one excels exceptionally. One can obtain video content within a short period of time.

The solutions being offered by Quik are far more than what once could expect to gain out of a simple animated video developing tool. It does not end there, the application is extremely easy to use and delivers the best outcomes that are applicable for social media through easy methods.

Now that you know what tools to use for your animated video creation for your social media, you can incorporate these strategies to boost your traffic and connect with your viewers more easily.