5 Proven Ways to Give That Emotional Touch to Your Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

TechsPlace | If rational content in Facebook ads can win you leads, then be sure that bringing in the emotional aspect will not just make your ad content work twice as well, but also increase the response rates.

A double advantage! Who wouldn’t want this?

As far as Facebook ads are concerned, following are some of the proven techniques, which you can apply as a part of your emotional marketing strategy. Along with these, you can also check out some relevant real-time emotional marketing examples, to get a better idea of how to apply the same.

As of now, let’s get acquainted with these top 5 emotional Marketing techniques, for your Facebook ads:

  1. Offer people hope :

Make use of content that serves to be inspirational and offers Facebook users hope and the conviction of a superior future. Brainstorm positive slogans that are well suited with your brand image and the commitments you make towards your customers. Portray how you can go about improving lives, get rid of issues and assist individuals to get the maximum and the best out of their life.

  1. Induction of FOMOs (Fear of Missing Out)

Nobody and absolutely no one, adores passing on a great opportunity to have fun, particularly millennial. A research held recently demonstrates that 69% of the millennial come across a feeling of FOMO, when they are unable to go to an event where their peers/groups are visiting.

Application of FOMO to your Facebook ads:

Induction of FOMO in your Facebook ads is feasible in the following ways:

  • Coming up with limited time frame offers to persuade people to register in a hurry
  • Attract people by offering them with an insight into what your community is already having fun with.
  • Put on display the count of customers who are already benefiting from using your product.
  • Post a question, indicating that the individuals are missing a great opportunity

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  1. Make them happy :

People happen to fall in love with positive posts. They need to feel good and they regularly wish that their companions, friends and family feel positive and lifted as well. So, design Facebook advertisements that will portray upbeat sentiments and benefit from increased clicks, shares and likes in turn.

How to apply this in your Facebook ads? Here are three ways you can use:

  • Make use of emoticons that depict happiness
  • With the use of happy and bright colors, you can attract attention
  • Make use of uplifting and positive words
  1. Create a curiosity gap :

A curiosity gap helps in transforming buzz feed and noble headlines into alluring ones. Such a gap is an inconsistency between what we know at present, and what we would like to know in the future.

It is known to create wonders if your target is to have people clicking. The reason being that people have it in them to connect the points and find the answers.

In the event that your Facebook ad has posed a fascinating question, it will be hard for them to resist reading and then clicking on it.


    • Tell visitors a story and leave the climax or the best part unrevealed or put forth a fascinating question
    • Keep in mind and target a specific audience of marketers.

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  1. It’s right now!

Create and publish ads that ask the users to settle on a decision at that instant itself. More the time individuals take to think, more time they need to choose not to finish. Time restricted offers influence individuals to feel like they will pass on a major opportunity except if they act now (FOMO as specified previously). You can bring about a rise in sales by utilizing earnestness in your content, offering fixed times and dates to act inside.

Here’s how you can go about doing the same:

  • The image should comprise of the best deal
  • Mention the offer end date clearly, but keep in mind those Facebook ads can require a couple of days to appear in the news feeds.
  • Come up with a deal that is exclusive and simply hard to resist.

Bringing emotions into your Facebook ads can work wonders for you. Apply them and see for yourself!