How to Find Your Public And Router IP Address In Easy Way

Router IP Address

What is an IP address?

You might have listened word “IP address” millions of times on the internet and still wondering what it is? The reason why you see “IP address: everywhere is because this is a kind of internet, communication without it is not possible. An IP address is a numeric address assigned to single or multiple devices over the internet. These devices are then able to communicate with each other over the internet. This would have not been possible without an IP address.

What is a Public IP address?

As the title says you must be wondering about what is the hell? are there two versions of IP addresses? Let me solve this for you. Each device is assigned an IP address to communicate on the internet, right? The IP we use to communicate on the internet is called “Public IP Address”. So simply the IP address we usually refer to is your public IP address. Why it’s called public? because it has to be public to be able to communicate over the internet. A public IP address is usually assigned by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) you do not have There are further two IP addresses of IP addresses IPv4 address vs IPv6 address we will not go into further discussions into that.

What is the Router IP address?

We have studied that public IP address is public and it is used to communicate with other public devices over the internet. Contrasting to public IP, the router IP address is the address assigned by your router. This can also be both IPv4 and  IPv6. Router IP address is also called a Private IP address or local IP address. Unlike the public IP address router, the IP address is not visible to other internet devices. This is assigned to each device connected to the same router. Each device connected to the same router can communicate with each other without any need of connecting to the internet, this is called a private network.

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How to find your Public IP and Router IP address?

Now we understand that what is Public IP address and what is a router’s IP address. There are a number of occasions when we need to find out both the public and router’s IP addresses. Here is an easy way:

Go to What is My IP

Here you find your IP address something like this:

By visiting the above website you will get both Public IP address and Router’s IP address. It’s just that simple.