5 Benefits of Embedding Instagram on Shopify in 2022

Embed Instagram Feeds

TechsPlace | As businesses and consumers find comfort with eCommerce, giants like Shopify are witnessing a great increase in popularity. So, this article is just for you if you are amongst the merchants using Shopify for business and looking for some ideas to stand out from the crowd.

With such competition in the market, every business is looking to amplify the visual of their Shopify store. And hence we are witnessing a trend where businesses are opting to add Instagram on Shopify stores.

Various Shopify Instagram feed apps on the Shopify store enable you to collect Instagram feed from your desired source and then display it on your store without any hassle. In addition, these apps provide a dedicated Instagram widget that helps you display Instagram content on your website.

So, if you are still in a dilemma, here are some of the benefits of this strategy. These benefits might clear your doubts.


Benefits Of Embedding Instagram On Shopify

Being a marketer, one should know about the major benefits of a particular strategy. Knowing major advantages helps decide whether to or not to adopt the strategy. So here are some of the advantages that might convince you.

  1. Improves the look of the store

Who doesn’t like to visit a visually appealing store, right? It enhances the consumer’s browsing experience and helps build a positive brand image. And that positive brand image helps in building a brand reputation.

We all know that Instagram is the hub of visual-based content, and visual-based content like images, videos, and more bring a great charm. The content attracts attention and stays fresh in the viewers’ minds.

By opting to embed Instagram feeds on Shopify, you can easily bring the vibe of Instagram to your store. And with the help of content from Instagram, you can amplify the visual appeal of your website and make it more appealing for the consumers.

  1. Makes the store engaging

Most tools that allow you to embed Instagram feeds on the Shopify store provide an auto-update feature. That means tools update the feed automatically, and there is no need to refresh the feed manually. In addition, the scrollable feed can keep your visitor hooked to the store and have the potential to keep them engaged with the feed.

We all know how creative Instagram users are; you can pull their content and display it on your website, providing your consumers with a great exploring experience. Also, you can even showcase the content from your Instagram handle, where you display images or videos related to your product or brand. All this added information can also instil an interest in the minds of your consumers, increasing your chances of attaining sales.

  1. Provides social proof to your customers

Consumers often look for social proof and reviews to make their purchasing decisions. People often use Instagram to post their reviews related to any particular content or upload images/videos while using the product.

These reviews and social proofs help your customers to make decisions and know the product even better. After all, who can be a better judge than the person using a particular product, right?

Moreover, it also plays a vital role in proving your credibility in front of your target audience. In simple words, it acts as a great marketing tool.

  1. Boost user-generated content for your brand

UGC is like marketing gold, and it boosts the brand’s reach and helps enhance brand awareness. Therefore, it is important to have some strategy to boost it due to such importance.

And this is where the strategy of embedding an Instagram feed on the stores jumps in. People feel valued when a brand displays its content on a brand website, encouraging them to make more of it. Moreover, it also motivates other consumers to upload content related to a brand and enjoy their limelight on the website.

And as there will be more user-generated content on your website, that means more social proof and more assistance for the consumer in making their purchase decision.

  1. Helps in conversion

As mentioned above, social proof can be beneficial for your business. It assists businesses in winning the trust of their consumers and increases the chance of a conversion. How? As visitors get to see reviews related to a product, they can buy a product and convert the visitors into customers.

Moreover, when a brand displays a brand’s content on the website, it helps build a customer-brand relationship and hence helps in converting consumers into loyal customers.

And due to this conversion, the brands can achieve their business objectives and reach their desired sales goals.



No one can deny that Instagram has emerged as an essential social media platform for businesses. It has brought them the ease to meet new consumers and boost their reach beyond local boundaries. But as the competition in the market is stiff, you must maximize the benefit from the platform. By opting to embed Instagram feeds on Shopify, you can achieve the benefits mentioned above and more.