Social Media Strategies for Driving Sales on WordPress Shop

Social Media Strategies

TechsPlace | In the past several years, the landscape of digital commerce has changed a lot along with a change in consumers’ buying preferences and tastes. And, to meet those needs and changing eCommerce environment, retailers have brought in the power of various strategies and opted for different web platforms.

Nowadays, one of the revolutionary changes in digital selling is social media commerce. Apparently, social media platforms came into existence as the sole medium of online communication with other individuals. However, it became a perfect destination for commerce activities later with its increased popularity amongst all of us.

Yet even with such huge popularity of social media platforms in eCommerce activities, some retailers still haven’t tapped into its potential to expose more. Others may have made apathetic efforts but haven’t put efforts to complement its absolute worth.

If you are a WordPress user and still, haven’t created a solid social media strategy to reach the potential audience, you are also missing out on a perfect opportunity to make effective advertising and sales for your digital shop.

Setting up an online shop is quite easy with WordPress’s powerful plugin i.e. WooCommerce. You can simply hire a WordPress plugin developer and integrate it for a seamless trade ahead. Still, if you wish to sell more effectively, then you definitely need to opt for compelling marketing strategies like social media.

In this piece of writing, we shall be discussing different popular social media platforms and how can they be used to bring sales. Prior to this, let’s have a quick look at the major benefits that are associated with social commerce:

– Authentic customer engagement & more traffic,

– Higher search engine ranking,

– Consistent audience growth,

– Bring brand loyalty & consumer retention,

– Easy to evaluate page performance & measure ROI accordingly.

And, some of the compelling social media platforms and related marketing strategies are:

  • Instagram

Instagram is a popular visual social media platform that has gained huge recognition as a social commerce powerhouse in the previous year. On average, it has been recorded that Instagram alone generates approximately 95 million user images/videos per day while becoming the highest in terms of human-generated content.

Its ‘Shoppable feature’ is primarily built for online merchants that have largely transformed consumers’ product discovery experience and cut down on the complete path to purchase to a great extent. Merchants can easily post shoppable stories images or videos with one tap “swipe up” or “shop now” or “install now” buttons that can easily bring your consumers to the targeted link in no time.

Such features of Instagram are the best in making a powerful impact on social media commerce. With its appropriate adoption, you can easily produce high-quality & readily available content to increase customer engagement and inspire sales.

  • Facebook

Facebook is the oldest social media platform that has survived and evolved over the past several years. Initially developed to bring loved ones together via messages and image posts, Facebook has come a long way while aiming to become more user-friendly in terms of usage, business profiles, selling shops, and so on.

Some of the facts to digest:

Majority of Americans (68%) use Facebook.

Globally, approx. 1.47 billion people log in to Facebook daily and account for 66% of monthly users.

– As per Statista, “52% of total respondents stated that they found retail products of their interest on Facebook”.

With these considerations in mind, Facebook has become a brilliant place to bring more conversions while driving more user engagement with a decreased no. of touch points between seeing a product and placing an order.

And, to get the best out of Facebook commerce, you need to activate “Facebook Pixel” in your ads account and install the same in your WordPress-powered website. It shall definitely ensure better targeting and re-marketing success in terms of ‘Facebook Advertising’.

Final Words

In addition to these two prominent social media commerce platforms, you need to opt for appropriate steps while aiming to leverage their power to generate more sales.

Some of them are inclusive of collaborating with social media influencers, delivering valuable content that is more customer-centric, generating and sharing user-generated content, investing in social media campaigns, and opting for appropriate 3rd party apps & plugins.

All you need to do is to first analyze your target audience and their preferred trends while shopping online. Then only you will be able to integrate any kind of marketing strategy properly.