Social Wall Best Practices to Boost Audience Engagement in Virtual Event

Social Wall

TechsPlace | When it comes to hosting an event virtually, organizers and brands face many challenges revolving around audience engagement. Majorly because the audience is sitting in the comfort of their homes, watching the entire thing through their computer screens.

While your virtual event is something they signed up for, the uncertainty is whether they will stick with you throughout. That’s why you must have something to offer so that they willingly stay hooked.

Wondering what that could be? Allow us to introduce you to the social wall and how you can leverage it to your virtual event to boost audience engagement.


What is a Social Wall?

A social wall is a responsive and vibrant tool, perfect for brands to display social media feeds on a digital screen at virtual events. The goal is to provide the audience something so eye-catching and attention-grabbing that they remain on their toes throughout the event.

All you need is a social media aggregator tool that can collect content from your chosen social media platform using hashtags, tags, mentions, stories, etc. The content can be user-generated, influencer content, or your social feed.

The success of a social wall depicts how much people love social media. Many virtual event organizers have identified that and seen a major boost in their event’s engagement rate.


Best Practices to Boost Audience Engagement in a Virtual Event with Social Wall


1. Pre-event Promotions

Your number of attendees has a lot to do with the success of your virtual event. Plan pre-event promotions to ensure that you can increase the number of your attendees, and with the social wall, you can magnify those numbers.

Display a social wall with pictures related to your virtual event. It can be past virtual event pictures, influencers’ content, UGC by attendees, speakers’ content, your virtual event brochure, its promotional videos, and much more! That’s the beauty of a social wall, it is responsive, and you get to display diverse content.

Strategically display the social wall on the digital screens at your premises, display it on your website and other spaces where you can capture maximum attention and create awareness around your virtual event.


2. Improve Social Presence

If you want to improve your virtual event’s social presence, there can not be any better practice than the social wall. It is responsive and updates in real-time. You can take this opportunity to organize a hashtag contest during the virtual event.

Start by choosing a unique and memorable hashtag and encourage the attendees to use it as they create social media posts around your virtual event. You can even lure them with attractive prizes and goodies. Each time there will be a post, it will appear on the social wall in real-time. When the attendees see their name starts to appear on the social wall, more of them will feel encouraged to post.

Wouldn’t that improve your virtual event’s social presence? To take things to the next level, you can display this content on your website and use it for other marketing purposes.


3. Increase Virtual Event Engagement

When it comes to audience engagement, the road gets quite tricky here. There is no specific strategy that can keep your virtual event audience hooked, but one thing unites us all: social media. The social media wall is the perfect way to leverage social media to your virtual event.

When it comes to attending a virtual event, attendees have certain goals to attend particular sessions and exit if nothing interesting is happening. It somehow affects your virtual event’s engagement rate, and the attendees often lose interest.

Display the social wall around lounge areas, virtual rooms, lobby, and other areas so that the attendees can engage with them while waiting for their sessions to begin. They will not be distracted in between the sessions and would want to stay hooked till the end.


4. The Perfect Space for Sponsors

Sponsors are a crucial part of every event, as they help you bring your imagination to reality. Show content created by your sponsors on the social media wall to introduce them to your virtual event audience and allow them to engage.

It will give them the right exposure and help them attract maximum audience attention, resulting in improved brand awareness for them.

With all the benefits the social wall brings in, your sponsors will get impressed and realize how beneficial it is to sponsor your virtual events, making them available to sponsor for you even for future virtual events.


Over to you

Social walls are live, responsive, and they are here to stay for a longer time.

We have now reached the end of this blog and hope that you now have a thorough understanding of the concept of Social walls and how it is the best practice for your virtual event to boost audience engagement.

Incorporate the responsive social wall and see how beneficial it can be by yourself!