Top Five Tips For Choosing A Social Media Aggregator

Social Media Aggregator

TechsPlace | After the arrival of various social media platforms, the buying nature of customers has changed by leaps and bounds. Most customers now look into social media to check their brand reputation. And looking at this new trend, brands have started to embed social media widgets on their website. A social media widget on the website helps it stand as a credible and trustworthy brand in front of its target customers. More importantly, this social media widget acts as social proof that customers love to see when making a purchase.

And obviously, brands have been searching for a social media aggregator tool that helps them showcase their social media presence on a website. In such a scenario, social media aggregator comes into the picture. We have something for you if you are one of those brand owners.

In this blog, we are talking about the top five tips that you need to keep in mind when choosing a social media aggregator tool. So stay with us and see what’s in store for you.


Five Tips For Choosing A Social Media Aggregator

The only aim of choosing a social media aggregator tool is to lessen your workload. We have compiled a list of the best features to consider when choosing a social media aggregator tool.


#1 Customization

One of the most desirable features of a social media aggregator tool is customization. No matter what social media aggregation you choose, it should provide you with enough scope for customization. It should allow you to change the theme and layouts of the social media widget for HTML, WordPress, Shopify, or any type of CMS. So, that you create a function that resonates well with your brand image.

Apart from that, it should be helpful enough to enable you to change the font and size. For example, if you run a Christmas-related marketing campaign on your website, you can change the fonts and colors to match the vibe.

It would be better if you also had access to features like custom CSS. It would help if you also considered having been able to change the background or add a banner to the widget. A banner for your widget helps you to highlight ongoing or previous marketing campaigns.


#2 Real-Time Updates And Analytics

A real-time update feature helps you update live content on the widget as soon as the content is live on the platform. This feature helps you to track maximum engagement on the widget. Moreover, it also helps you always have enough new content for your website. You can also showcase a social wall at any event. Using this feature, you can also showcase user-generated content on the wall.

Another essential feature of a social media aggregator tool is its robust analytics. This feature allows you to look into your widget’s analytics of engagement. For example, you can check visitor retention, follower retention, impressions, etc. this will eventually help you plan the content you’d like to showcase on the widget.


#3 Modest And Ideal Moderation Panel

Social media is accessible to everyone. The numerous social media sites are easy to access, increasing the likelihood of abuse.

Trolling is one of the most famous hate fads on the internet, and people take advantage of any opportunity to mock a product, a celebrity, or another well-known individual.

It introduces the idea of the Moderation Panel, which enables you to instantly remove any spam, offensive, or vulgar items from your feed.

Would you mind using the advantages of a moderating panel if given a chance? No, good! Start controlling and curating your social media stream to show only relevant and helpful stuff.


#4 Mobile Responsive Design

There are so many devices available in the market. Current marketing scenarios have proved that the number of mobile users has increased over the number of desktop users. Therefore you must have a mobile responsive design.

A mobile responsive design allows your widget to wrap and adapt to the size of the current screen it is being viewed on. So if a person sees your social media widget on a desktop, it will appear the same as when seen on a mobile phone. The tool should reformat the page to give the user a better experience suited to their device.


#5 Compatibility With Multiple Platforms

One of the best and most demandable features of a social media aggregator tool is that it should be compatible with most social media platforms. This feature helps you to showcase a wide range of content on the website.

For example, if your social media aggregator tool is compatible with Instagram, you can showcase the Instagram widget on the website. In this widget, you can showcase engaging content such as IG Reels, Instagram posts, etc. You can also showcase a successful hashtag campaign you have run.

Moreover, your social media aggregator tool should also be compatible with other CMS platforms. For example, it should be compatible with HTML, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, etc. So, no matter what CMS platform you currently use, you should not be worried about using it.


Over To You

When choosing a perfect social media aggregator tool, you must be prompt and mindful. It should always align with the needs of your marketing strategy. So don’t wait anymore. Choose the best tool that falls in the criteria mentioned above.