#1 Idea to Become More Visible On Social Media

social media

TechsPlace | As a businessman, you know how much likes are important for you to become top on the search engines, because it is a way to enhance your business even for great profits. Today the most important trick to take your business higher is to get thousands of likes on Facebook, Instagram or whatever the platform is. We all familiar with the fact that millions of users use Facebook and it is the newest technique to promote any kind of business whether you have a small scale industry or…

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How Facebook And Social Media Changed The World

Social Media

TechsPlace | There is so much buzz and hype about Social media networking and these are what everyone wants to know about. Today, practically everybody uses the internet for practically everything. It’s likely that they’ll be constantly connected to social media networks. And when it comes to personal lives and personal business decisions, the figures get even huger. Nowadays, there are lots of social media platforms are available like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many others. Facebook is a giant of social media networking sites with the huge number of…

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5 Prominent Social Media Trends of 2017

TechsPlace | As 2017 has conventionally commenced, I would like to assess the five distinguished trends that has taken the world by storm and has spread throughout the social media panorama. Social Messaging When we say social media we generally focus on social networks rather than social networking, which is quite peculiar, because messaging apps have a big group of users than social networks. WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat have more users than big networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Many brands use messaging apps to communicate one to one with their…

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Why Pinterest is Popular in Marketing Higher Education

TechsPlace | Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social site, since its launch in 2010 it has grown leaps and bounds. It is a platform where people can share and use information by images and also give percentage to its usefulness. It is social media platform and has its unique followers ad users. WHY PINTEREST SHOULD BE USED FOR MARKETING HIGHER EDUCATION? Pinterest is visual bookmarking. It facilitates you to search a large amount of information and then decide and use as to what suits you. Users can create…

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