5 Useful Tips to Create Facebook Ads Campaigns

Facebook Ads Campaigns

TechsPlace | Investing in social networks can increase lead generation and business opportunities for greater return. And thou? Do you already know how to create campaigns on Facebook and boost the results you can have with this tool?

The Facebook Ads is a tool that enables a high power range and converting the desired audience for a business. All this is made possible by the speed and ease with which campaigns of great impact are generated on a well segmented public.

  1. Know your business or what you want to promote:

As per the research conduct by one of the renowned digital agency SkWebDesignSolutions; our first point focuses on you and your business: you have to know what audience you are targeting and to whom you want to run your campaigns on Facebook. To stand out from the competition it is essential to have your audience as the center of attention of your business.

We are not only talking about the target audience, but also getting to know your customers, understanding their behavior and setting the right profile through a market research that can bring information such as:

– the ideal age of your client;

– their vocational training;

– your personal habits;

– its objectives;

– their problems;

– their income;

– your location;

– your hobbies;

If you can gather information about your customers to see what they have in common, you’ll be able to chart an ideal customer profile. So it will be possible to adopt the language and graphics most appropriate for your ads. In addition you will know how, when and where to send your audience.

You must know some crucial things about this tool in order to create ads as a true professional! Follow our tips and increase your results!

  1. Segment your audience:

Get your campaign delivered to the right person at the right time. For this to happen there needs to be good audience segmentation. Once you’ve done a study and you know well which you’re ideal clients is the time to start targeting your ad on Facebook.

There are 3 types of people:

– people who do not know your work;

– people who already know you and are looking for information on the different options;

– people who recognize that your business can help them and are prepared to be approached about it.

After organizing the three types of people the campaigns on Facebook are simplified because you are able to ensure that each group receives the appropriate offers.

That is, targeting your audience makes your ad more effective. Never try to sell something to a group that does not know you or know your business by advertising on Facebook. Incidentally, targeting all campaigns to a sales page is a mistake often made by companies that rarely brings the result they expect.

  1. Uses attractive images:

Have you never heard that a image is worth a thousand words? People are very much guided by what they are able to see and that is a big part of the success that can come from a campaign on Facebook. It’s easy to see that attractive ads that have good images drive more clicks and conversions just because they seem more appealing.

Images have a strong impact on marketing actions, so all image templates must be chosen according to the profile and interests of your ideal client, while contributing to the campaign objective. For those who work with infographics such as digital influencers, , there is a need to choose images with a certain characteristic: the product must be humanized and materialized so that some more skeptical buyers understand that it is something palpable.

  1. Learn to understand what Facebook Ads are:

Facebook Ads is a tool for (ads) within this social network. To define and start a campaign you need to:

– Indicate some data about the target audience;

– There is a budget management, as the advertisement can be daily or lifelong and has associated costs;

– Schedule your publications for a certain day and time and select how the budget is spent, and you can use CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) or CPC (cost-per-click).

CPM is an ideal investment option for brand awareness actions because it has a low cost per view. CPC has a higher cost per click but has the advantage of offering greater targeting. Facebook typically shows CPC campaigns to people who click on ads, which can bring more conversion possibilities.

Facebook Ads brings a number of important tools to your ads, if you make the most of them and with a reasonable investment can contribute to an increase of income. Some of these tools are:

– boost your posts: increase the number of likes, comments and shares;

– forward Facebook users to your site: take the public to an external page with the aim of presenting the user with a new product, new offers, new content etc;

– Improve site conversions: In addition to increasing site traffic and presenting the issues mentioned above, it also allows you to find out how many people have completed the goal;

– reach people closer: it makes it possible to establish a range of scope to direct the campaign only to groups that are within a territorial limitation;

  1. Analyze the scope and measure the results:

Always have an idea of the reach of your publication and measure the results of your ads. Facebook Ads presents a series of statistical data that allow the advertiser to analyze the results obtained. This is a crucial point as it will greatly facilitate your work.

A proper analysis of outcome allows the advertiser to more accurately delineate strategies for the next actions. As many scholars say, “sailing without data is like driving without a steering wheel”

Did you realize how difficult it is not to advertise on Facebook? With these 5 strategies you can start powerful campaigns in this social network and start planning the parties to celebrate the good results!