Top 10 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Audience

Social Media Audience

TechsPlace | There are several ways you can market your business online today and that too for free on various social media platforms. Social media music marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, etc. A lot of companies are effectively utilizing these social media platforms to their benefits, however, others are into it but have no luck at it at all. Now, if you fall in the first category then well and good however if you are one who falls in the second category or is someone who believes that you aren’t going to succeed at social media marketing, then calm yourself down as here we bring the top 10 ways to grow your social media audience. Check them out:

Specify And Target The Audience

This the first thing you need to do. What most firms do on social media is looking to target everyone who has a profile. This is rubbish. You need to filter your target audience and then proceed on with the social media strategy as that is the defined way and not going beyond everyone. So, first, assess your brand and the services/product offered and look for what can be its desired user base.

Take Action Contests

Starting a contest on your social media page is a great way of getting new users attention and attracting new ones to your social media page. This is a simple yet effective social media marketing strategy that can help you increase your social media audience. It’s a great strategy and anyone can experiment with it with minimum effort and a bit of resource. So, if you are also looking to expand your social media audience then make sure to try it out on every social media platform you are active on.

Some of the things that you can try are –

  • Write the best caption – Participants write the best caption for your post and ping you so that you can view their caption and decide on a winner.
  • Photo contest.
  • Comment War.

Promote Your Contest

Just starting a contest does not mean you will successfully able to archive what you want. You also need to make sure that this content link or post reaches the maximum number of people. For that, you need to promote your social media contest as much as you can. This can be done by creating hype for the contest and asking your followers to do the same for you. This way your contest might reach the maximum number of audiences, even before it gets started.

Include Visuals In Your Posts

Studies suggest that people tend to get attracted by intriguing images rather than plain texts and the main motive of starting a social media account for you is to gain the attention of the maximum number of people active on that specific social media platform.

So consider these tips the next time you decide to post something on your social media page –

  • Add a clear, attractive, and relevant image to your post.
  • Visual content has a 40% more chance of converting a viewer.
  • Make use of social media platforms like Instagram that have pictures in almost every post.

Utilize Video Content

The only type of content that beats static photos in the race of gaining users’ attention is moving pictures or video type content. Videos are considered the most engaging type of content on any platform and have 70% more chances of attracting audiences than any other type of content.

So, make sure to create some video content be it a full-fledged long length video or a small video. However, make sure to keep these things in mind while creating video content-

  • Video content might be great but there is a lot of competition here as well, so need to make sure that your video quality is great.
  • The focus of background audio as it gravely affects the overall impact of the video.
  • Have a great introduction to the video.

Improve Your Content Based On The Audience Response

Building a large community of audience is not an easy task and it takes a considerable amount of time and while you are at it, it is important that you improve the quality of content based on your viewer’s response or else your community will shrink in size rather than increasing. So, make sure to respond to your user’s praise and criticisms with a positive attitude and improve consistently.

Try Something New

Experimenting is a part of social media marketing and it’s quite crucial to have a change. For instance, if you are using the same profile picture for years then your audience might get tired of it or it may even become a trademark for your social media page. However, this type of attitude and clumsiness stops you from moving forward. All of these small things are also reflected in the way you do your business and strategize.

Make Use Of Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way of being found by users. However, not everyone understands how crucial they are and how to effectively utilize them for the maximum benefits. We believe there are two major ways you can utilize the hashtags, first is using popular hashtags in a strategic manner to market your content, and second is to participate in the trending hashtags and topics that are relevant to your business or social media page.

Influencer Marketing

Yes, we have all seen celebrities like CR7 market different products on their social media page and believe us we all go crazy about the product whenever influencers like him post such content on their social media. So, make sure to check out influencer marketing once, it might be costly but it’s a hell lot more effective than other forms of marketing.


Last but by no means least are the feedbacks. On social media, you are best positioned to know where you are falling on your user’s expectations and where they want you to make things different. And to do that you can’t miss taking the notes from their feedback that come in the form of comments, emails, DMs etc.