5 Must-Have Features that Every eCommerce Site Should Have

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TechsPlace | In today’s fast pace and growing world, the concept of eCommerce websites is nothing new. These days, the trend of having a well-optimized and up to date website has turned out to be an essential feature for all sorts of businesses, including small and big ones. These strategic placements and designing of an eCommerce site help to increase the revenue of the enterprise, as well as allowing access to a wider range of consumers.

Although not every website is created equally. The specific reason behind every eCommerce website being unique is to put a mark of its own. Different tools help to boost the traffic as well as sales, but those can also have an impact on how the customers perceive the company as a whole.

Even not implementing these features in the right way can serve the business with great disadvantages. The mindset of the customers can be fickle, and if the website does not qualify for their usability standards, they might refuse to use the website. Many times customers have very specific needs for which they access the website. Hence the goal should be making the website more user-friendly and informative.

5 Must-Have Features that every eCommerce Site Should Have

To achieve success in eCommerce, every company needs to build an effective and intuitive website for their enterprise. Being stated that, if an eCommerce website is not performing well or up to the expectations, there might be a chance that one of these five essential features are not being implemented correctly, which are decided by keeping in mind the expectations that customers have while using the website. Below I am depicting five must-have features that an eCommerce website should have,

Mobile Friendliness

Since the world is getting more and more mobile phones or smartphone-centric through days, if a website does not perform well as a mobile-friendly one, it will lag behind the others. A mobile phone is easy to access, that is why many customers prefer conducting purchase with the help of their mobile devices while being at comfort and ease.

This is the time to cater to the redesigning of the website to a large demographic – a population that makes up around 50% of the total online transactions. It is expected that a potential customer might find out about the website through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. A mobile-friendly site will ensure that they will spend more time on the website or choose to stay on the webpage and complete a purchase.

Well-Secure Environment

Security is valued and sought after by every person in the world, and it is not an exception in the case of an eCommerce site. It is very important to make sure that the product being sold is safe for consumers to use. When it comes to sharing personal or important information on a website, the security level of a website is highly looked for. Personal information, such as addresses, names, credit card numbers, are expected to be safe while performing an online transaction on a virtual site.

It is very crucial to make sure that the website has a secure HTTPS connection. Taking up on this strategy will not only help to provide the customers with a sense of security but also it will help to foster a level of trust between the customer and the venture. There must be privacy policies mentioned in the website, ideally in the footer, so that all the users can get to know what information is being shared and how.

Customer Offers and Promotions

Promotions and special offers can be posed as an incredibly useful tool to attract traffic to the eCommerce site of a company. Businesses usually make use of social media, text messages, email, and sometimes the header of their website to let customers know about the on-going offers and promotions on the displayed products. By putting in a little amount of effort one can develop and boost traffic and sales this way. When a special offer or promotion is flashed at the header of the website, it incentivizes potential buyers to go through the leads when they otherwise might not have, which turns out as an increase in sales.

If the website can make the customer linger for longer, they are most likely going to make a purchase. If a customer considers that they will make more value out of a certain product, they are very much likely to spend more money. Thus, promotions can make a huge difference when it is utilized properly.

Better UX Design

Ease of use is one of the most important elements behind an eCommerce website’s success. A proven fact is that consumers not only value a website that provides useful services, but also it has to be user-friendly and easy to navigate through the website. Customers usually make decisions regarding purchasing in a moment; that is why a website must be efficient in bringing potential buyers to a final purchase. Customers must not be struggling to look for what they want since every second longer might cause them to go someplace else. To make the customer’s experience simpler, one can make use of breadcrumb navigation, autocomplete search bars, and fillers.

Customer Testimonials

Customer feedback comments are among the first things that any new customer will probably go through before purchasing from a website. It provides them with a sense of the quality of the product. Reviews might seem like very little things to include, but in reality, it can have a tremendous impact on the success of an eCommerce site.

For instance, ratings can influence a customer’s interest in a certain product. If a product is highly rated, most likely it will get purchased by consumers. Although positive reviews help to increase a product’s perceived value, it is advised to have a mix of positive and negative reviews altogether. This enforces the customer’s idea of the business’s trustworthiness. Reviews also ensure transparency, which helps to strengthen the brand image.

The points mentioned above will help your eCommerce site to get a competitive advantage and the opportunity to stay out of the market competition by increasing sales and achieving the goal. If you need any help regarding your website designing, then please get in touch with us. We are happy to help you!