Brief Guide to Taking Care of Your Electronic Devices During Summer

Electronic Devices

TechsPlace | We all need to look after our electronic devices; we depend on our electronic devices in our day to day lives, and looking after them will give them a longer life span. There have even been times when negligence has resulted in death, electrocution, and even the death of the device. Although some devices have heat resistance materials in them, you should be well aware that electronic devices are electrical conductors, and they are not, as a whole, resistant to heat. Let’s start with how we can better look after our devices.

Never Charge Your Device beneath Anything

Sometimes people charge their devices underneath a pillow, cushion, or anything they can find. The main reason to not do such a thing is to prevent overheating. Your phone, just like any other electronic device, needs air to breathe – ventilation. Without the proper flow of air, your phone will be as hot as a dessert, and this is the perfect concoction for damage. The phone battery can even implode in such cases. Always ensure to charge your phone on a cold, flat surface.

Don’t Leave the Device in Heat

Sometimes we run into a shop and leave our phone next to the windshield where it can get all the sunlight it needs. At other times we are at the beach or only in our backyards and let our phones absorb all the sunlight it can get. We need to stop with this negligence because it damages the battery of our phones. Both the iPhones and Androids have been built to withstand 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do want to bring your electronic device with you in the heat, and then make sure you place it under a shade or put a cold towel over it.

Keep All Your Devices in a Case

Cellphone cases are not just stylish and expressive; they are there for protection. You should have every device you own, specifically those that you can carry around like a cellphone, tablet, etc. put in a case. A glass screen protector for your smartphone is also a good idea since not having one can result in a broken screen. Moreover, getting a screen repaired can sometimes be more expensive than getting a brand new phone. Also, avoid running near the pool when it is raining or similar activities to prevent the worse from happening.

Keep it Dry

Most cellphones and other electronic devices are not waterproof, therefore keeping them in a dry environment. If a phone gets wet, it causes many issues in the future and even stop working as well. If you’re on vacation, then purchase a dry bag and keep your cellphone in there. It will prevent it from getting wet, and you can simultaneously take pictures of the scenic beauty all around you. It would be a good thing to educate young children in not bringing water in contact with electronic devices, especially when they are charging.

Get Device Insurance or Warranty

Accidents will always take place, no matter how careful you are. The best thing to do in such a case is to ensure your devices. There are also devices that you can purchase that come with a warranty. This will be a good idea since you won’t have to worry about paying for the repairs in case the accident is not something that was a result of your negligence. However, prevention is a cure, so before you have to use your warranty or get insurance involves, try to take care of your goods yourself.

Keep Your Devices Cool

During the summers, you should be extra careful and keep your devices in a cold environment. Mostly all places are kept well air-conditioned; however, if your car AC is not working, try to keep the windows open so that there is ventilation. As we mentioned above, keeping your phone in direct sunlight or scorching temperatures can result in sweltering climates will only damage the phone battery and lead you to incur more costs. Another handy tip is to charge your devices in an air-conditioned room.

Don’t Charge an Overheated Phone

Be sure never to charge an overheated phone. Charging an overheated phone will only cause it to further heat up, leading to more problems with the phone battery. In worse case scenarios, the phone can even spark or implode. Some deaths have even been reported in such cases. Allow your phone to be situated in a cool room, and once it is cold, go ahead and charge the device.

Leave Your Phone At Home

If you plan to go on a picnic or to the beach, why not leave your phone at home? Enjoy your time with friends and family without the disturbance of phone calls and text messages. A memory of an event is better to remember when there is no involvement of cell phones. This will not only protect your phone from the harsh sun, but also from breaking or being lost in a new place.

Don’t Put Your Phone in the Freezer

Rapid temperature shifts are bad for your phone and the human body – talk about similarities. The main reason behind this is condensation. When you put your phone in the freezer and remove it, the frozen water condenses, causing problems in the phone function. Therefore, the best thing to do when your phone is hot Is to turn it off and then leave it to cool on its own in a well air-conditioned room.

Take Away

Be sure never to leave your phone in the car; charge it while it is in direct sunlight when it’s overheated or under a pillow. These actions will only further ruin the phone battery and add you to incur costs in repairs. Freezing your phone is also a mal idea. Please turn off your phone when it’s hot and allow it to cool in an air-conditioned room. That is more than enough to increase its lifespan.