7 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to MacOS Catalina

Upgrade to MacOS Catalina

TechsPlace | MacOS Catalina was released in October 2019 and is the 16th release of the Mac operating system. Each and every year, Apple updates with new security fixes together with improved and new features for MacOS. With an upgrade to macOS Catalina, you get enhanced Photos App, Find My App, Reminders, Screen Time an amazing feature – Sidecar.

Though some people complain that Catalina could not be verified or experiencing similar errors during the installation. Some error appears or it just stucks while uploading.

But even with these few issues, MacOS Catalina is the best OS in the market today. To prove to you that we would like to present to you 7 reasons why you should upgrade to MacOS Catalina.


MacOS Catalina now offers second screen support for iPads, known as Sidecar. If you own an iPad running iPad OS, you can use this feature in two ways: you can drag windows from your Mac to your iPad and use it as an external monitor, or you can pair your iPad with an Apple Pencil and make changes that are reflected on the Mac. The sidecar can be used wired or wirelessly (in this case, you have to stay within ten meters of your Mac). Due to the integration with Sidecar, Catalina users get access to a wide range of compatible apps like Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Photo, Sketch, etc.

Photos Redesign

Apple’s new Photos app (which runs on the Mac and iPhone) organizes your photos into groups based on what’s in the photo and when they were taken, making it much easier to navigate. You can group them by day, month, or view every photo. This app selects and features the best photos for you and removes poor-quality and duplicate photos. Also, it sports larger previews for photos, automatically highlights important moments (such as birthdays and trips) and memories. Live Photos and videos now can auto-play while you scroll through your photo library.

Find My app

Find Friends and Find My iPhone apps are now connected into a single Find My app. A new benefit is that you can find a device even if it’s offline or asleep, based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals. If you mark that your device is missing but another Apple user’s device is nearby, it can detect your device by Bluetooth signal and report its location to you. Apple says that the info used to indicate the location of the device is anonymous and encrypted end-to-end.



Talking about productivity tools, Reminders are updated across all of Apple’s platforms. It’s easier to control and includes better options to create and organize your reminders. They now have a clearer design, more one-click conveniences and integrate with iMessage. You can also use Siri to create entries and attach items to your lists.

Screen time

Screen Time in macOS Catalina, helps users to be more aware of the time they spend on their notebook or desktop. You can set communication limits, schedule offline time and how you spent your time on Mac. For example, which websites take the most of your time. This feature might seem not so important but it really helps to control your time effectively.

Activation Lock and Privacy

Activation Lock and Privacy

Apple has always tried to make users feel safe and protect their privacy, and macOS Catalina is no exception. One of the biggest moves here is Activation Lock, which protects a lost or stolen device from being activated only by the person whose iCloud account is attached to the device. Gatekeeper and Apple’s security protocol scans all your apps for known security issues. Moreover, new data protections require apps to get your permission before accessing your documents.

Block, mute & unsubscribe emails

Mail-in macOS Catalina has the ability to block email from a specified sender, unsubscribe commercial junk and mute an overly active thread. Emails are automatically moved into the trash after you block mail from a specific sender. Apple says that you can edit it easily by clicking on the mail sender’s name in any email header. Also, there’s a new unsubscribe button that appears above the email header from commercial list senders.

Apple states that clicking the new link will send a request to get your email address unsubscribed from the list. If you want to take some rest from all the technologies and sounds, Mail can help you reach that. This feature allows you to mute all emails and stops any annoying incoming notifications in the future.


Enhanced privacy and security, Photo Redesign, reminders, screen time, Find My app, ability to mute, block and unsubscribe emails and new second-screen support – Sidecar. All these great features are now in macOS Catalina.