Are You Still Using Landlines? It’s Time to Make the Switch to Softphones In 2022


TechsPlace | Landlines have been a staple of communication for more than 100 years. And for a long time, it has served its purpose of connecting people very well. But like any old technology, it’s bound to be replaced by something newer and better. This is where newer telecom players like Freeje come in.

By providing VoIP, Freeje introduced a better option for enterprises that value business communication. VoIP lets you enjoy a lot of benefits that would otherwise be impossible or extremely expensive to obtain.

And the only thing you need to access all these benefits? A softphone.

A softphone is essentially a software version of a landline. It lets you call and text as you normally would, but it offers so much more than what its predecessor can offer.

If you’re not yet sure if switching is the right move for you, learn more about why softphones are the best choice for your business:

  1. It’s cheaper

With a softphone, you don’t need to maintain and repair any equipment. In fact, there’s no equipment at all! This alone could mount up to huge savings in the long run.

Having no equipment also means your operations can’t be disrupted by something suddenly not working. For example, your PBX broke down. You’ll either have to wait until it’s repaired or you replace it completely. Both situations still mean that the office is going to be cut off from calling.

Lost productivity means lost profit. It also entails expensive labour hours not used at all.

If you’re also calling a lot internationally, VoIP lets you get rid of international call costs as well. And again, this benefit can’t be accessed if you don’t have a softphone.

The cost savings are very important especially for a startup because, at the very basic, all your staff will need is their laptop or computer. You don’t even have to issue any equipment to them.

  1. It’s the ultimate definition of portability

Normally, we associate portability with something small and handy. But softphones take it to the next level by giving you the option to not bring anything else at all.

Softphones can reside in devices like your smartphone you already bring with you all the time. Through a VoIP mobile app, they’d still be able to make calls.

It won’t take up any physical space, and you get to carry it with you no matter where you go. As long as there’s an internet connection, of course!

This is also why VoIP is a top option for remote workers. Having the freedom to work wherever they want without bringing clunky devices with them can boost morale and in extension, productivity.

  1. It makes scaling your business easier

If you go with landlines, you’re stuck with them for life. Or at least until they break down.

Imagine if you signed up for a huge business communication package with a traditional provider before the pandemic.

Like most businesses at the time, you would’ve had to scale down to accommodate the reduced income. This can mean cutting costs and perhaps even laying off some of your staff.

But even with the change in the organization’s financial situation, you still would’ve needed to pay for what you originally thought you needed.

Using VoIP through softphones rids you of that possibility. You can scale up or down as needed because you’re not tied to a contract.

  1. It has more features

Softphones can do more than let you call or text. What you get depends precisely on what you need.

Features can be bought for far cheaper than what you’d pay with a landline provider. You can get features like auto-attendant and call routing without burning a hole in the pocket.

Plus, you don’t need to keep them around forever if you don’t need them. If it’s not working, you can get rid of them without thinking of sunk costs.

Having more features available means you can do more and become more efficient. You’ll realize possibilities you never thought possible.

  1. It’s more versatile

Because softphones can do more, it also means you can do so much more with them. VoIP nowadays isn’t just for calls. A lot of functions have been integrated into the VoIP system.

For example, did you know that you can use it for SMS marketing as well? If you have an SMS list, you can craft a text message to send to them to inform them of your new offer. Or maybe have them sign up for your email list.

And because you’re using it more, you know that it’s a cost-efficient purchase.

Softphones are easily the better choice for long-term business communication sustainability. With all the conveniences and benefits that they offer, switching from landlines is definitely the smart choice for you.