Dynamic Advertising Offer Seamless User Experience with DAI

Dynamic Advertising

TechsPlace | Change is inevitable. The TV industry is also changing. One can see the paradigm shift from black and white CRT screen to UHD and now this millennial generation is stuck to mobile, laptops, or tabs for watching their favorite programs. TV ads are no longer new to TV viewers. Now ad industry mechanism has also changed to dynamic advertising.

Dynamic ad insertion is a server-side technology that allows the insertion of ads at runtime. This is the age of personalization; the high-end user experience matters a lot. Personalization is the key and dynamic ad insertion is the best way to pitch personalization. Depending upon who is viewing the content, we can change the advertisement.

This is done surprisingly on the server-side and not on the client-side. There are dedicated servers to monitor your internet activities and analyze the data gathered to know more about viewer’s preferences. The server-side ad insertion allows you to insert advertisements into linear, live programming and in VOD too.

server-side ad insertion

How do dynamic ad insertions add value?

If you are in this challenging advertising industry, you need to think out-of-box all the time. So, Dai will give you expand your wings and add value by offering the following aspects:

  • Personalization and multiscreen advertising

Personalization is where you can differentiate yourself from the crowd. If you want to attract subscribers then your service must offer them something that others are not offering. Personalized content will do it for you. With unblocked ads features, you can take the first step in converting passive viewers into active buyers by ensuring that ads are hitting the screen right.

  • No buffering between content and ads

Latency or buffering is one of the biggest concerning aspects of the streaming industry. Dynamic ad insertion technology rules out this possibility by stitching your video content and the ads into a single stream, irrespective of an app or a web page. The technology removes the ad request and response from SDK reducing the likelihood of errors at the client side. This will result in a seamless user experience.

  • Target specific ad insertion

With this amazing server-side ad insertion technique, it is possible for streaming providers to aim for individual ads for live linear and video-on-demand programming. They can grab the benefits of programmatic monetization across available devices with Ad Exchange for Video. This will help them to stitch the content and ads into a single stream regardless of the original format of the content.

  • Dynamic adaption

With Dynamic ad insertion, the ads are sown for a specific time slot. But this can be changed instantly, without any friction to target the customers but based on predefined data. The right ad at the right time slot has the possibility to increase the conversion rates.

Dynamic Ad insertion is an innovative way of ad insertion that has given new dimensions to the streaming and entertainment industry. This age is of personalization, and if you want to sustain in this throat-cutting competition, you need to be stand out from your rivals. Expand your customer base with this server-side ad insertion technology and monetize your content.